By rob1986 »

Hey 2ktmc Boys and Girls,

need some help with my Lineup. I don't want to make a wrong decision.

Here is my current Lineup: rob1986's Lineup


Yesterday evening I was able to sweep the Amethyst League and get another Pick from the Amethyst Board off Domination.
I choose Steve Francis as he was the only one who I was interested in and I have all cards in my Collection to pull the trigger for Diamond Elton Brand.

So here is my question: should I lock in the Set for Diamond Elton Brand or not? The Set is worth right now about 150 - 175K MT, which is a lot for a Diamond Player, because Diamond Jimmy Butler is going for about 55 K MT right now. As they release more and more Sets, Diamond Player should be worth even less. I don't want to lock in so much MT for one Player, if I can get two Diamonds for the same amount in about 2 or 3 Weeks...

The only thing that let me think about doing it is the Dynamic Duo Boost for Francis and Brand, but right now I'm happy with my Point Guards. Magic is pure magic. He scores easily out of double Teams and converts so many and-ones. Even on defense he is a big factor alone because of his height. Michael Ray Richardson on the other side is pure Defense. He gets me so many Steals and easy fast break points. He is only there to run the show for Kobe, Kobe is usually my Go-To-Scorer from the second unit. MRR sets up the plays for him or the others if Kobe isn't the Ball Handler.

Can someone tell me how good the Duo of Francis and Brand is? Are they worth it?

Thanks in advance!

By PinkDiamondNunally »

Honestly I wouldn't do it. Ive got Francis but haven't experinced the duo, but soon you'll be able to get a better center than Brand with his boost for about less than 100k