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So I know that many people hate badge grinding, but once you actually get the badges, it is WAY worth it. I want to help you guys save time. I propose that I will save you time by doing the grinding for you. Of course, I won't do it for free and I don't know what a reasonable price is, so if you are interested in me helping you, comment below what badge/badges you want me to grind and we can negotiate a price. I promise you this is not a scam and I am in it for your best interest. Comment below if interested.

By numbers58 »

'Not a scam'

Yeah, I ain't giving you my password

By Sebass0722 »

I assure you, I have been scammed before and I hate those people. I just wanna help people get their badges while getting some side money at the same tme. 

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Xbox or PS4?

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