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I have been struggling eith this challenge for a couple days now and I was wondering if anyone can give me some tips to beat it. any help is appreciated!

By sawi35 »

What is your lineup?

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kinda new to these forums lol. just pasted a photo and it didnt show.

PG Ruby Isaiah Thomas

SG ASG Hornacek

SF John Havlicek

PF Amethyst David West

C Ruby Andre Drummond

1 Sapph. Steph Curry, 2 Campus Shabazz Napier, 3 Historic Calderon, 4 Ruby Kevin McHale, 5 Playmakers Pau Gasol, 6 Sapph. Gobert, 7 Rewards Robert Pack, 8 Silver Paul Pierce


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Should be enough to complete this. You need to play lockdown D. Offensive settings: crush offensive board, push the pace. Defnsive: crush defensive board, straight up or shrink the floor, man to man. Maybe try to buy a PG with better steal skills like ruby Gary Payton since Thomas can't steal. Plus maybe a better rebounder on C. If you have Manute Bol or Shawn Bradley - try them, should protect the paint and get you some blocks and rebounds leading to easy fastbreaks.

Spam p'n'r, try only open 3s.

By bking318 »

thanks. i have noticed i keep forcing shots that i shouldnt be attempting. i make the rebounding adjustments but it doesnt seem to do much with my frontcourt. hopefully this stuff helps!

By franz13 »

post.david west down low then spin drive to basket umtil they ya


By zerosum »

I feel like something is seriously wrong here. I blew through this challenge 108-97 on my 2nd try, but it didnt complete (have screenshot). I thought as usual "whatever 2k, I'll just do it again". Now here I am 15 games later, 200 contracts wasted, and I can't win anymore. I have no problem scoring but nobody can stop that silver Jeremy Lin! PD West, Magic, FA Gary Payton, Fat Lever, he torches them all. How is he making those crazy shots?! I tried on-ball, off-ball, all kinds of settings. I would find it hillarious if I wasn't wasting so many contracts. I can't let it go cos I've completed every challenge since launch, rarely need to replay one unless its not counted.

Update, I played 3 more time. Finally beat them 99-94, had to employ some hardcore 3 point cheese.


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