By kobebeef131 »

Do whatever you want but from some peoples point of view locking in for vince is bad because you get a end game card with vince but in a month or so the players you locked in for him such as amy shaq, dirk, griffin, dwight will not be end game and there will be better versions of these cards and better cards that are cheaper.  People see buyiny t mac for 400k is worth it because yah his price may drop to 200k but you can still sell him and pick up another player to replace him while most of the cards in the set will be shelved off your lineup never to be used again.

By Ironicusx »

If i was on the same mind with right now when i was locking it i wouldn't.Not that Vince is bad or anything else.I wouldn't lock in any collection at all.Because at some point i feel like changing the way i play and wanna make a lineup from scratch but i can't since i locked this collection and have to use most of the players from it cause i have no MT left to use on anything else and well , "if i have it i need to use it" is the state of mind i have with locked players in my team.

I'm pretty sure on 2k18 , dont care how good it is , im not locking any collections unless it's close to being end of the game.