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What you need help with?


He wants a handout.  Good luck w that.

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play domination and get more MT.

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Sure! Quick sell a few of unused players and quickly buy one of my gold cards for 1500-2000 MT. 

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Easiest Ways to Make MT:

1) Domination:
- Make 800-1000mt per game
- Reward Packs give you players, contracts, jerseys, coaches, and consumables
- Free amethyst once regular domination is completed.

2) 2k17 App (gives VC):
- Win up to 1500 vc per day from daily picker
- 500 vc for playing the mobile quick games (resets every day)
- 50 vc if you can select correct results of real-life NBA games. 
- Use the VC to open packs

Because it's so late in the game, good players go for insanely cheap. Even doing the above methods once in a while can quickly boost your MT total. I know some of this is quite obvious but regardless, I hope this helps!

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