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So in Ultimate Team there ae 4 tiers:

  1. Elite (85-99)
  2. Gold (76-84)
  3. Silver (64-75)
  4. Bronze (50-63)

Examples of base player cards:

(Couldn't make cuts because normal computer broke)


Also in Ultimate Team instead of completing collections for cards, you complete sets (like 2K). But you have to collect other items and themed players along to get the player. Not much news about Ultimate Team has been released yet but this is the system that Madden uses and NBA Live i guarentee will to.






So its just the app


Caldwell pope ain't a 82 if Lbj is a 90

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Just play madden 17 ultimate team for an example of it.

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Rookie LBJ was 85 in 16 though. Also the base was 96.

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I like how you just used the normal 2k cards instead of making your own design lol

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Golds actually will go up to at least 91. You can see it on the website. This might change and probably will, but for now, it is this way.


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The EA games are usually pretty different, just ask FIFA and Madden. In FIFA there are no sets and its wayy harder to pull good cards. Who knows what EA will actually do with Live, but basing it off of Madden seems pretty stupid.