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If you don't want to spend money on vc, here a method to earn some for yourself. For this method you will be making multiple mycareers. If you want to keep the mycareers after you have gotten your vc, that is your decision otherwise you can just delete it and make a new one. This honestly doesn't take long, so if you have some free time and want some VC, try this out. 


Skip any scenes as they are not important.


Step 1 - Make a new pg that is sharpshooter and make him 6'7 and then start the mode.  Once you are at the college selection, pick any one of them. Before you start the first college game go to settings and change your difficulty to rookie and change the game speed to 100. Also, turn off action replays and a.i. shaking the screen during a free throw.


Step 2 -Try to average like 17 points and like 7 assist along with like 3 rebounds for your college career. Have a good game when playing for team USA also. Once you finish you should be drafted at the number 2 position to the Lakers.


Step 3 - Once you are in the NBA and in your mycourt, go to settings and change to 12 min quarters. On the first off day before the game go to the events and the practice. Once in the practice just exit quickly.


Step 4 - Once back in your mycourt, start up the first game. You will get at least 24 minutes in this game which is enough time to get some good stats. Keep stealing the ball because on rookie it is so easy to do even though you are like a 55 overall. After you steal either slam it on the break or pass for the assist. On my first game I put up 47pts 17assist and 20 something steals. This will put you in the front on the scoring, assist, and steal leaderboard. Other times I have been able to hit 70 points 20+ assist and 20+ steals, just depends on how much time you get.


Step 5 -  Next simulate games 1 by 1 and you will be putting great stats. By mid November or early December you should get the Spalding endorsement. Make the contract active and choose the option that includes a billboard.


Step 6 - Keep simulating games and after a few more simulated games, Bruce will schedule you for your first endorsement with Spalding. Do not skip immediately to that game instead continue to simulate games 1 by 1. 


Step 7 - The first event of Spalding that you should do is the Business Meeting. Play the game before that off-day and change your minutes to 5 minutes for this game. After the game go to the Off-day and choose to go to the Business meeting. This will give you 2000 vc.  


Step 8 - Keep simulating games 1 by 1 until you get the other endorsements.

Shoes endorsements - Under Armour, Nike, Jordan, Addidas.



Choose between Footlocker and Mitchell & Ness

Choose between Gatorade and Mountain Dew 



For each endorsement choose the option that has either a billboard or commercial.


Step 9- Any time you come across a Business meeting, Ad photo shoot or commercial shoot or some of the special events such as 2k Studio or Gatorade Pumpkin Patch, go to those immediately. Skip the the publicity events, marketing meetings and the regular events because they don't give you anything until you complete a certain amount of events and that means playing a whole bunch of games.


Step 10 - Just from simulating and averaging good stats, your contracts will be upgraded. You might even make the All-star game and be in consideration for MVP which will help with bumping up your contracts to the next level.

For the most part each endorsement goes in this order

2k, 4k, 6k, 8k = 20k

Im my experience this is the amount I make from each endorsement before I start a new mycareer.

Spalding - 20k

Under armour - 12k

Tissot - 12k

2k - 12k

Footlocker - 12k

Stance - 6k

Gatorade - 6k

Kia - 2k


= 82k + the vc you get from playing all those games 


Step 11 - You also won't get it all in one season, so make sure you get eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. When the 2nd season starts you can finish put the rest of the endorsements.


After you earn this much I suggest you move on to another mycareer and start over.


Events for each endorsement that I know of

Spalding - Business Meeting, 

Under armour - Business Meeting

Tissot - Business Meeting 

2k - 2k Studios, 

Footlocker - Ad Photoshoot, 

Stance - Business Meeting


Kia - 

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Have you tried this after Patch 12?

By Mr.Cavs »

Yea it still works.

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how long will this take

By cdub »

this better work

By Mr.Cavs »

This definitely works. Had 64k and just opened a 10 box but only got 3 rubies. I think ill save up for a 21 box beast pack.

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Did you do it exactly how he said?


By Lord Curry »

the vc stop adding up when i do endorsements,what to do?

By Mr.Cavs »

I usually start a new player and get some endorsements on that one then i go back to the one that was not giving vc and it works after that.

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How do you simulate through a game?