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you put Ben Wallace at his overall


I would rather have Vern Mikkelsson over Klay, Maybe even rondo, hell even Horford if were looking at overall career, also maurice cheeks should be on here tbh

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Where is Ricky Ledo and Joe Harris?

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WOAH WOAH Magic is better then shaq but bird is not half the player shaq was

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I have to say though, Lebron does deserve to at least be in the top 3 or 5 no questions asked


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Also, I disagree with Kareem-Abdul Jabar heavily being number two, yes while he does have the most points ever scored, and had a "unstoppable" skyhook, which is still blockable but hard to do. However, he played in the 70's (the trash era), and played with Magic for mostly in the 80's, so I disagree with him being number two, however, he is top 5 for me


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Robinson should be within the top 25. MVP 2 rings, DPOY, scoring title, member of the 70 point and quadruple double club and he's an advanced stats god. Winshares  is based on a players impact on the success of the team they are on taking into and that it is calculated using player, team and league-wide statistics and the sum of player win shares on a given team will be roughly equal to that team’s win total for the season. Robinson is 3rd on that list behind, Jordan and CP3 for a career. Most people just remember him for loosing to Hakeem. (but I think the blame should be on rodman being a locker room cancer and for his lack of help defense on him, he simply refused to do as the coach asked.) 

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Dwight at 42?