By Bigmac30 »

Hey i heard rumors that today 2k would release all of the weekly challenges from this year in a group, is this true?

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By MarkusMalone »

I heard some important 2k person had said it on Twitter that they are going to release all of the remaining and also previous challenges in one bunch. Not sure though, no information on MyTeam Twitter.

EDIT: If I remember correctly they should release so many challenges that you could get the remaining rewards as quick as you want to.

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By WhosYourDaddyNow »
By MarkusMalone »

By the way, anyone else having problems with the new weekly challenges? Doesn't show up in my single player menu.

By HalfBlackMagic41 »

I'm having the same issues. Was looking forward to Petit today but see no challenges.

By lexa8430 »

same problem. Does anybody know what a hell wrong with challenges?