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Wonder if he'll have similar odds to diamond Wall? I'd assume not, but if there are already that many on the market...

Good for me! I'll probably pick him up if he drops to under 300k any time soon.

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Highest on PS4 is 478,550 with 3 hrs 24 min left

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oh29 said in Friday, April 21st, 2017 17:48 pm

20 doesn't sound crazy high, but it sounds like odds are better than say pulling Big O or MJ in Gamebreakers.

Odds probably about same, but you can rip 3 playoff packs for the price of 1 promo pack.

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Hmm, diamond rate isn't too bad for Playoff packs, let's hope the 75k VC from Twitch prime next week will do something haha

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Any updates?

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380k on xbox now hes dropping and theres alot of him on the market too

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I just put mine up fully badged with 97 contracts doubt someone bids 500k again but that would be cool :)