By RolloRJ »

I have 3 archetypes Streach Big, Slasher, and Lockdown Defender @ 87 overall. No badges and I really cannot stand grinding for badges. How much would it be for someone to get HOF, Grand badges, a few bronze badges (5-10) and the extra 25attribute upgrades on all 3 players? I wouldn't need every HOF badge, like charge card. And also let me know if this is not allowed. Thanks

By ConnerWolf24 »

How much are you willing to pay and what console?


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By RolloRJ »

XBOX one and I'll Message you 

By Hoopz »

I hate grinding too but if you let someone else do it, they can do anything they please on your account. Sketchy.

By VexXScorpion »

Slasher badges are easy to get, lockdown will take awhile and will cost more. Stretch big will be alright, not the hardest.

By hmhhghggr2 »
By kameron584 »

How much you say for slasher if it should be less 

By RolloRJ »

Looking for my last end year player. Would expect job to be done within 2-3 weeks from start of grind. 

Need someone to Grind a 6'4" SG Shot Creator and get 


Grand Badge

All 5 HOF Badges

Bronze Limitless Range

Bronze Deep Range Deadeye

Bronze Corner Specialist

Bronze Catch and Shoot

Bronze Acrobat

Bronze Post Spin Technician 

Bronze Relentless Finisher

Bronze Dimer 

Bronze Flashy Passer

Bronze Lob City Passer

Bronze Pick and Roll Maestro

Bronze Lob City Finisher

Bronze Bruiser

Bronze One Man Fastbreak

Bronze Posterizer

Bronze Defensive Stopper

Bronze Pick Pocket

Bronze Hustle Rebounder

All 25 Upgrades

All Hot zones (Must be seen on MyCourt)

99 Stamina

90 Free Throw


Let me know if you are interested, I have made deals on here and another Website. Willing to pay up front if you have sufficient vouches. PayPal perfered 

By Orangejuice23 »

Hey I can do it for you I have had a sharp playmaker slashed and lockdown. I play on Xbox my gamer tag is Darkthunder1433

By Orangejuice23 »

It would probably take me 6-7 days to do it though at a good price.