By RolloRJ »

I have 3 archetypes Streach Big, Slasher, and Lockdown Defender @ 87 overall. No badges and I really cannot stand grinding for badges. How much would it be for someone to get HOF, Grand badges, a few bronze badges (5-10) and the extra 25attribute upgrades on all 3 players? I wouldn't need every HOF badge, like charge card. And also let me know if this is not allowed. Thanks

By ConnerWolf24 »

How much are you willing to pay and what console?


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By RolloRJ »

XBOX one and I'll Message you 

By Hoopz »

I hate grinding too but if you let someone else do it, they can do anything they please on your account. Sketchy.

By VexXScorpion »

Slasher badges are easy to get, lockdown will take awhile and will cost more. Stretch big will be alright, not the hardest.