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This is an exact copy of Daybe's forum, which also died down, but a little different, and now i'm taking over. And of Course Shoutout to @Daybe for letting me. So, I've decided to make a thread like that to showcase the subforum's best cards of the day! I'll have three cards every single day, updated, and I'll keep track of who has the most COTD's. And there will also be 3 COTWs. Good luck to all of you!


Monday's COTDs




Tuesday's COTDs




Wednesday's COTDs




Thursday's COTDs




Friday's COTDs


Saturday's COTDs


Sunday's COTD






Batinather (1)

Billbert33 (9)

TPAF (10)

bondairy (31)

CVSPharmaqui (9)

Rylieisabeast (12)

Daybe (7)

Flexbrook (2)

bendlian (11)

cdub (8)

DRose1MVP (1)

KyleGend (10)

migzter (11)

vincecarter15 (10)

ianstp (4)

Bogotac (19)


Jairus872 (15)

twaffle (6)

jsullingerisoutwithapulledpork (17)

BryceBloodHound (8)

Gamer_Rage30 (5)

Mikedaboss (1)

CeceRussWestbrook (2)

Zane1914 (1)

ilikeveryteamexceptnets (4)

KingSlays (2)

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Daybe used the same ledo cut as me but better


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