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TPAF said in Monday, July 31st, 2017 2:46 am

88 Marc Gasol

89 Mike Conley

94 Zach Randolph

87 Danillo Gallinari

86 DeAndre Jordan

90 Kyrie Irving

95 LeBron James

91 Stephen Curry

83 Jamal Crawford

76 JR Smith Nuggets

80 JR Smith Knicks

75 JR Smith Pelicans

81 Iman Shumpert Knicks

73 Randy Foye Nets

I'll do the rest later. Erryone feel free to request! 

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LuckIsReal said in Friday, August 11th, 2017 16:08 pm

KingSlays requested me the same request TPAF did to  you and look at the conley..

I'm guessing you're a PowerPoint user just like me before I moved to gimp like a month ago. Just try to avoid those choppy parts, especially the neck. There's lotsa room for improvement, keep grinding my mans.

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RIP this thread tbh, thanks TPAF

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Hahaha. I had some requests after TPAF's thing.

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Can I request a High Flyers Kevin Johnson and a Rookie Rewind Charles Barkley with hair? both of them rubies with your choice of the overalls.


Also, if this isn't the right one, I apologize. I clicked on the link and it sent me here.

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