By ZephanConley »

I am fairly new to blacktop and I want to know what type of players to get for blacktop?

By VillanovaFan1 »

Fast dudes who can shoot. Steve Francis, the Ruby Tim Hardaway Jr., guys like that who can shoot threes and speed boost past slower guys.

By Jguinnyinit »

Taurean Prince Gold moments card and John Wall Amy, Will get you shooting like the Warriors. 

By SalTnutZ1 »

Diamond Tiny Archilbald 

By ZephanConley »

Would you say he is better than diamond Isaiah Thomas?

By joelucky519 »

Amy Shawn marion...has been a beast for me.

By Joshua_Ewol »

Gold historic Gerald Green

Emerald Jay Williams

Ruby Klay Thompson

Ruby James Harden

Emerald Penny Hardaway

Emerald Dell Curry

Ruby Mike Conley

Ruby Stephen Curry

Amythest Steve Francis

Ruby Isaiah Thomas


Thats my 10 man squad and I've won 173-42

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By Joshua_Ewol »
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By gigglebees24 »

Pete Maravich is the best card to use in Blacktop

By Scoochie11 »

Just try to use players with cheap contracts

I usually go with:

3 golds

3 emeralds

3 sapphires

1 ruby