By dr3w31 »

Hi, here you can find my current lineup:

I wanna get rid off amethyst towns, amethyst cousins and diamond duncan. Which center should i buy? I'll use the mts I earn for selling these 3 cards.

I'm thinking about diamond drummond, as it performs a dynamic duo with rodman.

Any other suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

By Twinny »

Depends how you play but Diamond Drummond, Diamond Rudy Gobert, Diamond DeAndre Jordan are all similar, do with Drummond for the DD

By vikr4msri »

Use Ralph at starting center and bench Marc Gasol, then look to pick up Shawn kemp or Antoine walker for Starting PF.

By dr3w31 »

I finally bought Wes Unseld:

starting lineup: Unseld - Sampson

bench: Rodman - Gasol

Unseld is a beast!!

By floppydrn »

has anyone used gasols dd is it worth it you guys rekon?