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I am thinking about selling my whole Team in order to build a new one!

I would be at about 1,650,000 MT (and PD Ewing)

How could my new Lineup look like? Who should I definatly pick up?

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such a log jam at centre though

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Magic + Lebron + Kareem, rest doesn't really matter :) Lebron and Magic are effected by equalizer less then other players. 98 Durant is a monster but when eq kicks, Lebron is something else. I think this is a well balanced team, capable of every play. You can replace Ray+Durant duo with 95 Jordan + another outside shooter.

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just be careful the price on the site weren't updated a while ago.. for example KG goes for around 250 and KD 550 also Kareem goes for around 170 or Big O around 140