By VexXScorpion »

What player has the best free that that consistently goes in? My player has a 85 rating free throw, and is currently using Kyrie Irving free throw.

By Scoochie11 »

I don't which animation is the best, but I just use LaMarcus Aldridge. You can get your rating up by, at the end of practice, go up to the free throw line. There should be a pop-up that says "Practice Free Throws". Gives you +1 FT and Gold Meter Bonus

By VexXScorpion »

Ight, I now have a 88 FT, and still sometimes I miss in Pro-AM for no reason.

By AlphaWKM »

rick barry or KD are the most consistant free throws for pro am I have a 92 FT with rick barry on my 96 playmaker and I am 98% from the line currently


By Sammyb98 »

Carmelo Anthony

By EmptyPeace »

i love curry free throw