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mmogogirl said in Sunday, March 19th, 2017 6:20 am

The world is so beautiful.I want to live this world,the games are really exciting and interesting.and  I cherish it a lot NBA Live Coins
A good thing has changged a good game.


Agree completely.

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PLEASE PUT IN TRADING! Still dont understand why it hasnt been done yet..

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You need to put in a feature where its like my team where it costs money to open packs and you can have a starting lineup and a bench as well as being able to play with your team
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Tupac, I suggest something adding for the hardcore drafters, some of us don't want to see our nooby drafts, sooooooooooooo can you add delete draft sequence, if you do that's appericiated.

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i already got kobe. I mean in the game this means im done right? lmao

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PanosSf said in Sunday, May 8th, 2016 11:18 am

@tupac I have an idea! You can make a trade market where we will be able to trade the cards that we got 2 or 3 times with other cards that are the same overall. For example if you have Dynamic Andre Drummond twice (89 overall) you can trade him with an other user who has Dynamic Damian Lillard twice (also 89 overall) if both users agree. What do you think?

Haha, that is your first forum post lol

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Are there gonna be any 2K18 Collectors Packs? 

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