By CharlesTheGreat »

Alright so I know 2k18 is dropping soon and none of this will matter but I'm just about to finish my lineup but I need to sell some of my players and i torn on who to drop. I'm currently at around 48k MT and I want to buy Ralph Sampson who sits at around 55-65K. The players I have available to sell are amethyst Jason Richardson, amethyst Stephen Jackson, amethyst KAT and ruby Marquese Chriss. Of these players those that I don't sell will play my back up sg and pf respectively so this is essentially (JRich vs. Jackson) and (Towns vs. Chris's). Obviously JRich has the better stats and badges but Jackson's jumpshot is one of the best in the game and I prefer his animations. Towns and Chriss are more even in their stat totals but Chriss has better badges and a better shooting animation.

 I have all of these players currently and I've used them all for quite awhile especially Towns. If I sell Towns I can keep the rest but I would still need to decide between JRich and Jackson on who plays as my back sg. If I want to keep Towns I would need to sell Chriss as well as one of the two between JRich and Jackson. As an extra option I could sell Towns, Chriss, and JRich and pick up Wes Unseld to run at pf and keep Jackson as my back up sg.


I will list my current lineup below to offer more information on my predicament.


Starters: diamond David Thompson, diamond Paul George, amethyst Joe Johnson, ruby Josh Smith, blank (Ralp Sampson when I buy him)

Bench: diamond Rajon Rondo, blank (JRich or Jackson), diamond Paul Pierce, blank (Towns or Chriss), diamond Marc Gasol

Extras: ruby Brogdon, amethyst Steve Francis, sapphire Joel Embiid

I usually only run a 10 player rotation and sub out by groups. The extra players are only on the bench in case one of my players get hurt.


Thanks in advance for any advice you can give and please let me know if you need more information from me.

By Twinny »

I have diamond Ralp Sampson and he is a beast. I know you are low on MT but how about moving Thompson to the bench and then get a new PG for your starting lineup? Or move amethyst Steve Francis to your starting lineup? I used amethyst Steve Francis for a while and is just as good as thompson.

Also look at ruby Boris Diaw at your starting PF. I used him and replce him with diamond Dennis Rodman and moved him to my bench. Not as explosive as Smith but is a better shooter and passer than Smith, just as good rebounder too.


By kaziwa »

One card that I have found to be on the cheaper side and very, very good is emerald Thon Maker. I'd consider him depending on the price if you haven't tried him. I use him at PF and C depending on the situation and his card is the closest thing I have found to something that feels like a diamond card (ruby or below). From his height to his relatively good shooting and finishing around the basket, I have kept him in my lineup. His defensive stats won't blow you away, but I'm surprised by how many blocks and rebounds he pulls in. The most impressive part about his card is his speed. He is 7'1'' and he has an 82 speed, 79 ball control, and 79 speed with ball. He can get rebounds and push the ball up the court–rediculous. Doesn't hurt that the contracts are like 120 MT for 5 games either.

By VinGOAT »

Get giannis (at least a sapphire) and put him in point, move thompson to he bench