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Credits to @Macko for making the thread so succesful for 2k17. This is just a copy of his forum, with permission. I'll have three cards every single day, updated, and I'll keep track of who has the most COTD's. You Can only Post 4 Cards A Day, and there will also be 1 COTW. The Winner Gets To Post 1 Extra Card. Good luck to all of you!


Monday's COTDs



Tuesday's COTD




Wednesday's COTDs



Thursday's COTDs


Friday's COTDs


Saturday's COTDs


Sunday's COTDs





COTD's for Ea. Person

Jairus872: 18

Baller3000: 1

ilikeveryteamexceptnets: 24

Macko: 11

DrZedd: 18

KingSlays: 8

CVSPharmaqui: 7

Batinather: 3

gangsterseal: 7

Rylieisabeast: 5

vincecarter15: 7


bendlian: 1

Mikedaboss: 6


DRose1MVP: 2

BryceBloodHound: 4

Gamer_Rage30: 1

bondairy: 13

Exposedyourankles31: 1

Shawnkemp40: 1

zemGOAT: 2

Mamba_: 1

Luckisreal: 1


Swagepete: 1

gabemilkchocalate: 1



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first card post

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damnit bruh, 2k forgot to add jersey numbers to cards smh

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