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Here are a few tips if you want to have a high draft score:

1. If you want a diamond as a captain, reserve the PG pack. There are 8 diamond point guards, and nearly half of the diamonds are PGs, also there are 13 amethyst PG's. Some Diamond Point Guards include Magic Johnson, Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash and John Wall.

2. If you really want to push your luck, choose SGs for your reserve pack. There are 2 amazing SG's (MJ and Kobe) and many more.

3. Open the Substitute Packs first. That way, you will know what positions you will have if you want to double your score.

4. Always put players in the assigned spot unless it is a big overall differential.


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some tips arent really useful since the PF/Center is the best captain IMO because u get a guaranteed amethyst. And I didnt understand what u wanted too say with ur 3rd point, but i have to agree with the 4th

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what you mean by #4?

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the 4th point

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hell good tip is to reserve the sub cos you will get diamond kobe 100% of the time and another tip is to shove the card up ya bum

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thats it for todays video plz rat comet n supsribe thanks peace out

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My trick is to put the PG as the captain and then open the packs in a certain order.

1. Choose PG as captain

2. Open SG

3. Open C

4. Open SF

5. Open PF

6. Open bench players

It might work and it might not work

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good tips!