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wtf larry sanders. ill never forgive you for what you did to montrezl. #L1C4

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Amazing story! I might do something like this soon!

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Holy shit that was long and RIP nigga Harell lol

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check out some of my other stories i got Dru Joyce III and i'm starting on a Anthony Bennett story.

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zemGOAT said in Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 13:41 pm


What did Montrezl do? Larry Sanders is the one who is supposed to be jailed for life

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carmelo19952007 said in Friday, August 5th, 2016 4:13 am


The milwaukee bucks have made a big signing, signing leage MVP Stephen Curry to a  3 year, 80.19 million dollar deal, which will help them go very far in the playoffs as they now have a almost prime squad.

Al horford goes to the bulls.

Rondo goes to the Sixers.

Lin goes to the wizards.

Wade goes to the t-wolves.

Batum goes to the thunder.

Whiteside goes to NOLA

Kevin Durant goes to the Hornets.

Paul goes to the hawks.

Rose goes to the Knicks

Middleton goes to the Nets.

DeRozan goes to the Nuggets.

Antetokounmpo goes to the Wizards

Griffin goes to the Sixers.

When Rose actually goes to the Knicks XD lol

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makes these again

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when ur salty AF

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get a life