By IraHooliganZ »

Good job

By DRHM100 »

I beat it yesterday and can definetly say Big Ben was a solid choice for me Hes such a beast and what he lacks in size and offense he makes up for with rebounding, defense and speed

By IraHooliganZ »
By Jakecool1 »

for the last two teams put giannis in the starting line up at pg to combat Magic's height advantage

By stiffelit »

I just can't get the MT. Highest MT was actually a game I lost. 

By coodoo »

I beat them first try with my team, just abuse the post hook. Pass it down low, back down the defender into the paint. Quick pass back to a guard, send it back down low quick post hook. If you are good at them you can easily get green releases every time as most players have the same timing on their hook.
Defense you have to play tight onball, dont reach and predict the passing lanes by reading what play they are running. I also find if you can hold them up to take a shot at the end of the shot clock 9 times of of 10 its an easy block.

My team is:

Goodluck :)

By Almirante_Necro »

I´m in probably in my 20th time and  cant beat the allstar historic team,

Won the game once, but didnt make enough mt....fuuuu

This is my lineup

In coach settings im using no hedge and ice, and út some players like kareem get double teamed when reaching the post. Really dont know what i can do to beat them. Domination has been a breeze so far, and now im stuck.

any suggestions would be appreciated!!

By HazardousLlama »
By DUBLdicer14 »

Same issue. I've only played three times, but haven't gotten close on MT. 845 is my best so far. Lost the first one by 4. Won the next two by 10 & 13. Was at 351 MT entering the 4th in the last one and finished with only 412 before bonuses got me to 794. 

I'm getting fouled a TON on fast breaks, keeping me from beefing up my coinage AND even missing free throws with quality shooters. 

Take a look at my lineup and see what you think would help this squad  I'm sitting at around 5K MT in the bank




By DUBLdicer14 »

Winner by 18 points  in game five with 1,015 MT.

Moved Mark Jackson into starting PG role and he shut Magic down with 5 steals and 14 points.  Archibald came off the bench for 17 more and 3 steals for POG Honors.

 Took Gail Goodrich and I can't play him very well.  In 4 games online, he's averaging 4 points, 3 assists and about 10 missed shots.  Molasses on defense.



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