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    This collection ruined the game with this 99 speed cheese.


    it made it fun


    They're not ACTUALLY 99 speed. Look up on the market with the filter 99 speed. Only Iverson and tbt derrick Rose have it.


    I think that's just visual like onyx scola, kaman, Walton and wilt all had beefed up stats so for example if you search 97 post fade wilt and Walton won't show up and kaman's hook won't show until you go down to 89 when it's a 94 on the card and seemingly in game. The same probably applies with these, maybe they didn't originally have 99 speed?


    why is vince carter not completion reward he is the best of all time


    They need Vince carter


    Also it kind of makes no sense because MJ HAS 99 STANDING DUNK???


    Post with 99 speed that's just fast break central


    this collection is so cheese


    whats next 3pt cheesers?


    Cringiest collection name I've ever seen.
    "Dunk The Funk"


    You can see the net in almost every picture. Lazier than Dwight in 2k16...


    I can only recommend MJ, Dom and Blake.
    No need for the rest...


    These cards are so stupid it's unreal... First they make scorers, dimers, rebounders and pick pockets so blocks come next right? No, all time dunkers(is that even a statistically judgable thing?) come next with 99 in a load of categories. But I guess their only Dunkers so like the other rubies ( for actual stats) they only get dunk upgrades, right? No, again they get 99 speed and lateral quickness(impossible to sprint past) and not only that but they get a LOAD of other upgrades on everything. I mean just look at Daryl Dawkins: regular 76-77 card = 76 overall silver, ruby 76-77 card = 85 rated with + 13 free throw, + 25!!! Moving shot close, + 18 driving layup and a LOAD of other non dunk related stats. I was playing the dunk challenge v these cards and Robert pack was unstoppable! He came up the court, blew by any of my perimeter guards and then dunked it, right? No, yet again instead he kept pulling up and kept scoring even if I got a contest in and if I was lucky enough that Robert pack passed the ball I had mj, dr.j and kemp spamming contested fadeaways and mids in my face and making them. Yes that's right the Dunkers spammed mids on me, CUZ THEY CAN! In fact they only missed like 5 shots in the whole challenge and if they took a bad one they got fouled unless you used conservative defense. I had too use 63 fist eventually as they were unbeatable on the perimeter with that 99 lateral quickness and upgraded defense. But I guess this is ok as their Dunkers, right? (Guess what... NO!!!)


    As you can tell I have suffered due to these cards many times since their release as they are stupidly cheap as well so most players have them...