'85-'86 Michael Jordan ruby card

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Name Michael Jordan
Edition '85-'86
Collection Dunk The Funk
Position SG / SF
Age 24
Height 6'6"
Weight 195lbs
College North Carolina
Nationality USA
Source Packs / Auction House
July 20th, 2015
August 10th, 2015
June 9th, 2015

98 Overall

85 Outside scoring

  • 85 Standing shot mid
  • 84 Standing shot 3pt
  • 84 Moving shot mid
  • 82 Moving shot 3pt
  • 99 Shot IQ
  • 86 Free throw
  • 99 Off. consistency

93 Inside scoring

  • 95 Standing shot close
  • 87 Moving shot close
  • 99 Standing layup
  • 99 Driving layup
  • 99 Standing dunk
  • 99 Driving dunk
  • 68 Post control
  • 40 Post hook
  • 90 Post fadeaway
  • 99 Hands

81 Playmaking

  • 94 Ball control
  • 78 Passing accuracy
  • 75 Passing vision
  • 80 Passing IQ

97 Athleticism

  • 99 Speed
  • 99 Quickness
  • 99 Vertical
  • 54 Strength
  • 99 Stamina
  • 86 Hustle
  • 92 Overall durability

96 Defending

  • 96 On-ball def. IQ
  • 61 Low post def. IQ
  • 96 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 95 Help def. IQ
  • 99 Lateral quickness
  • 94 Pass perception
  • 99 Steal
  • 58 Block
  • 95 Shot contest
  • 95 Def. consistency

44 Rebounding

  • 53 Offensive rebound
  • 42 Defensive rebound
  • 42 Boxout

3474 Total attr.

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  • 4

    This is goin for around 100k pretty much the same price as the 85-86 gold card, but this is way better

  • 2

    Using Ruby Kobe at the moment and he's great. But I think if i sell him and Ruby Shawn Kemp I might have enough for this MJ. Anyone think it would be worth it?


    Ruby Clyde > Ruby Jordan i ain't gonna lie to you bro

    get rid of that Kobe and get Clyde the glide


    Really? I did the collection and got both... MJ played much better than Clyde for me wonder why?


    Even though the athleticism stats are similar MJ seems much quicker and can slide past defenders for the drive easier! I agree I think Mj is worth it and much better but I REALLY like Clyde as well.

  • 2

    Interesting that Clyde has more total stats... More hustle and def consistency, but lower overall rating

  • 1

    Post fadeaway is cheese. Online I never miss because it is a perfect release. Really does not dunk a lot like the sapphire. Even though his 3 is above average, cannot really knock them down.

  • 0

    Ok so i have 100k and im wondering if i should get this Jordan or if there is someone else that is better any suggestions?


    Maybe get 88-89 gold jordan. He is a better defender, playmaker and midrange shooter but worse 3pt shooter than this one. This ruby jordan can run only isolation and midrange plays while the gold one can run pick&roll plays.

  • 0

    Once you have this guy you don't need to finish the Dunk the Funk collection…

  • 0

    Ive had him, ruby clyde, vince carter, 90-91 jordan and diamond james harden.

    Ruby jordan: post fade goes in 9/10 times and 5/10 its green. His threes go in automatically if he's hot. Tries to dunk to much and often gets blocked.

    Ruby CLyde: More consistent standing three point shooter and dunker than all the others I'm describing, but no post fade and doesn't do the jordanesque fading mid range shots.

    Onyx Vince Carter: If hot, his mid range is great. He always goes for the hard dunks and gets blocked and he misses open threes consistently. Defensively he doesn't get gay ass steals like the jordans do but he's reliable enough to play.

    90-91 Jordan: The best dunker described here as he rarely does insane ones. His three is automatic MOST games but not all. His post fade is decent but it doesn't have that much range compared to the ruby. Defensively he's jordan

    Diamond Harden: I prefer to use him late game to any other card because he turns up in the fourth. He's great at contested shots and midrange is always green. He does miss open threes but you won't need them if you just iso with him. He lacks defence and a post fade but truly is clutch.

  • 0

    pls rate my lineup thanks

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  • 0

    Hey rate my lineup

  • 0

    Should I get onyx Big O or dunk the funk MJ they cost about the same and I need a guard

  • 0

    Got this Ruby Dunk the Funk Michael Jordan. Absolute beast from midrange and three. I've seen him dunk over many as well. The post fadeway is also very good.

  • 0

    This card is a beast , hate playing against em lol

  • 0

    Someone help me i need 40K (PS4) Will pay back 100K once I complete Sapp. Dr. J.


    Ok I'm down


    So how u wanna do this?

  • -1

    Great card. Obiously he is gonna dunk on everyone and is almost never misses layups. The 99 speed just adds to it. While his mid and 3 ratings arent the best, his jumpshot makes up for it

  • -1
  • -1

    Loving this card, can shoot 3s and mids consistently and finishes at the rim with ease. Definitely worth the 100k.

  • -1

    this jordan, onyx kobe, 90 91 jordan, or 97 98 jordan?

  • -1

    Got him! Check out my most resent upload of my lineup if you want. Let me know suggestions / improvements!!!

  • -1

    Better than Ruby Frobe?


    Fairly even in my opinion. Outside shooting wise Kobe is better. Even though the stats say Jordan has a better 3, I knocked down more with Kobe and Kobe's midrange is better. Athleticism wise there's not much difference either. Jordan is slightly faster I guess but Kobe has more of a presence (as in he feels a bit stronger). Ruby Kobe does dunk more and is great for posterising. I found that Jordan went for the lay up quite often as apposed to dunking but that's not to say Jordan doesnt dunk. He does, but not as often as Kobe so I'd say Ruby Kobe has the edge with inside scoring. Jordan is better at defending but when it comes to rebounding and playmaking they are very similar. Overall if you're working to a budget I'd get Kobe. But if you have the money then get Jordan. You certainly won't be disappointed with either! Also I should add, Frobe comes with 34 gold badges compared to Jordan's 15 which you may wish to take into account.