'88-'89 Michael Jordan gold card

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Name Michael Jordan
Edition '88-'89
Collection '88-'89 Bulls
Position SG / SF
Age 26
Height 6'6"
Weight 195lbs
College North Carolina
Nationality USA
Source Packs / Auction House
July 20th, 2015
August 10th, 2015
June 28th, 2015

99 Overall

84 Outside scoring

  • 94 Standing shot mid
  • 70 Standing shot 3pt
  • 95 Moving shot mid
  • 75 Moving shot 3pt
  • 99 Shot IQ
  • 85 Free throw
  • 99 Off. consistency

94 Inside scoring

  • 95 Standing shot close
  • 97 Moving shot close
  • 99 Standing layup
  • 99 Driving layup
  • 75 Standing dunk
  • 99 Driving dunk
  • 75 Post control
  • 40 Post hook
  • 91 Post fadeaway
  • 99 Hands

97 Playmaking

  • 97 Ball control
  • 94 Passing accuracy
  • 99 Passing vision
  • 99 Passing IQ

96 Athleticism

  • 96 Speed
  • 98 Quickness
  • 99 Vertical
  • 57 Strength
  • 99 Stamina
  • 94 Hustle
  • 98 Overall durability

99 Defending

  • 99 On-ball def. IQ
  • 68 Low post def. IQ
  • 99 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 98 Help def. IQ
  • 98 Lateral quickness
  • 98 Pass perception
  • 99 Steal
  • 40 Block
  • 99 Shot contest
  • 99 Def. consistency

74 Rebounding

  • 68 Offensive rebound
  • 75 Defensive rebound
  • 78 Boxout

3634 Total attr.

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    The one Jordan card you can actually put at the 1 and it would make sense.


    This is the most complete Jordan of them all besides the PD of course. He is the best rebounding SG besides Jordan's PD card. Plus, you can play him at the PG which is another great reason to pick this version up. I loved using him, his shooting is lower than many of his other versions, but I have used the 92-93 and 95-96 version, those shooting stats I feel at 94+ midrange I don't even notice much if any difference. Only his three will be less useable of course. I would pick this one up if you want the Jordan with the most abilities when you include his passing and rebounding, the other ones are better scorers, but this one does things the other one's just don't do, which is the reason I would pick him up if you don't mind a little less scoring ability. Lastly, he is a cheaper Jordan so another reason to pick him up if you cant spend the amounts to get the older versions.




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    i hate this jordan he drains 3s all the time and he has a 70 3pt wth -___-


    Packed him, and he's an absolute beast!


    As many people say, Jordan's shooting stroke is so smooth that even the ones with lower 3-point ratings can still be viable 3-point shooters. Including this one. ESPECIALLY when he's hot, and it's ridiculously easy for Jordan to get hot because he can drop midrange jumpers like a machine.

    Cheesy to actually run Jordans (or LeBrons) at PG, but that doesn't mean it's cheesy to have a Jordan at SG and run the offense through him, with your "Point Guard" actually playing as off guard. This version of Jordan is basically an elite Point Guard as well. Insane ability to score or create opportunities for others as a Drive-and-Disher.

    And, of course, just about as good as it gets in terms of perimeter defense. The older Jordans will be better in the paint, but I'd rather have more speed and agility on the perimeter with a guard than strength and low-post IQ.


    Need this card to complete this collection. Is he worth starting over diamond harden or AI? and is sapphire Bill cartwright any good?


    Got him running Point. Rate my squad


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    He shoots about 65% from 3 for me lol


    I take it back he's garbage from 3 but still a beast card


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    Got him running point, with a BEAST lineup to go with it. Rate it!