Kent Bazemore silver card
Name Kent Bazemore
Edition League
Collection Atlanta Hawks
Position SG / SF
Age 25
Height 6'5"
Weight 201lbs
College Old Dominion
Nationality USA
Source Packs / Auction House
Jun 9th, 2015
Jun 20th, 2015
Not checked yet

74 Overall

75 Outside scoring

  • 74 Standing shot mid
  • 84 Standing shot 3pt
  • 68 Moving shot mid
  • 74 Moving shot 3pt
  • 70 Shot IQ
  • 64 Free throw
  • 45 Off. consistency

64 Inside scoring

  • 61 Standing shot close
  • 63 Moving shot close
  • 74 Standing layup
  • 74 Driving layup
  • 35 Standing dunk
  • 80 Driving dunk
  • 46 Post control
  • 30 Post hook
  • 47 Post fadeaway
  • 61 Hands

63 Playmaking

  • 71 Ball control
  • 65 Passing accuracy
  • 57 Passing vision
  • 58 Passing IQ

89 Athleticism

  • 92 Speed
  • 91 Quickness
  • 78 Vertical
  • 46 Strength
  • 88 Stamina
  • 89 Hustle
  • 81 Overall durability

71 Defending

  • 70 On-ball def. IQ
  • 45 Low post def. IQ
  • 75 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 62 Help def. IQ
  • 88 Lateral quickness
  • 48 Pass perception
  • 78 Steal
  • 46 Block
  • 62 Shot contest
  • 45 Def. consistency

33 Rebounding

  • 34 Offensive rebound
  • 32 Defensive rebound
  • 35 Boxout

2586 Total attr.

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