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    KAJ- Beat all the RTTF weekly challenges
    Ewing- Beat seed 1 of Road to the playoffs
    Cousy- Win 250 games in gauntlet to get 'amethyst board two' and get Bob Cousy there
    Scottie Pippen- Get 99 stars on historic domination
    Clyde Drexler- Win 150 games on gauntlet and get him from amethyst board one
    Chris Mullin- Beat seed 2 on Road to the playoffs
    Jason Kidd- Get 99 stars on current domination
    Rip Hamilton- Beat seed 3 on Road to the playoffs
    Elvin Hayes- Beat seed 4 on Road to the playoffs

    Hope this helps!


    Thanks bro


    you should have more likes for that comment


    what is RTTF weekly challenges


    road to the playoffs weekly challenges


    u the real mvp


    Thanks a lot bro, appreciate it


    there should be a collection topper reward those who have played the game and beaten most of it not for spending mt


    i worked my but off to get the karrem 97 overall card to find out theres a 99 overall version #mylife


    I am going for KAJ so i have to do every best of 7 Series in RTTF ? this reward isn´t listed in the game or?
    thanks so far for this thread


    I wish there was more than 1 reward Diamond card. Since they are so rare Kareem will probably be the only Diamond I ever see. Also, not a fan of the black market deal. Those are technically more reward cards, but for 750,000MT for each one, unless you buy MT or something like that, I am never seeing those cards. I just would appreciate a handful I could get without luck or cash needed, just some grinding and I would be happy.


    And they are not sellable so that makes there value close to nothing once you have them