• 2,071,600
  • 2,672,000
97 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 88 REB

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    Kareem would make Demarcus his bitch in the post. He's much stronger, taller, and has more game then Demarcus. Mj on Harden is a complete mismatch and MJ would go for 40 that game, and hold harden to basically nothing. Larry could hold lebron 2 an under average game (Underrated defender), but lebron would be too fast for larry to hold him and prob go for 40. Anthony Davis is more of a stretch 4 then Malone, but I feel like Davis wouldnt get ANYTHING in the post due to Malone's strength and defensive awareness. Magic would lock up curry for the most part but curry would still get 30 on magic just because of lebron breaking past larry and kicking out. Here are the box scores (Points only, and were saying that there all playing 48 minutes without getting tired)

    Mj: 46, Kareem: 29, Karl Malone: 19, Magic: 35, Larry Legend: 29 = 158

    Curry: 31, Harden: 11, Lebron: 37, Demarcus: 11, Davis: 31 = 121

    This is in IRL btw, if it was 2k everyone knows Current would win because of the OP Bron' and curry cheese


    I agree with Diamond curry, but if I had to compare. You have Harden versus Jordan. I would take Jordan because of Harden's lack of defense. Bird versus James would be a solid matchup but Bird wasn't a great defender. It would be even in that matchup imo. They are both great passers, scorers, and rebounders. Karl Malone versus Davis is interesting. Malone would be able to muscle up Davis and score with ease in the post but Davis would be able to spread the floor and would be quicker than Malone. Kareem versus Cousins. Kareem would be unstoppable with his skyhook but Cousins would be able to muscle down in the post against Kareem and also his ability to spread the floor. Magic versus Curry is interesting. Magic wasn't a great defender as well as Curry. With not being able to handcheck, it is almost impossible to stop a shooter. However Magic could just back Curry down in the post and score with hook shots or find the open man.
    If I had to choose, I would take option #2.


    Thanks for the answers


    fuck harden vs mj, that's not even a contest. rn imo, the best sg in the league is klay, because while he may not be a great as harden on layups and tricky shots, he's a better defender, better shooter and is careful with the ball. but i will say that harden proved that if he sets his mind to defense, he's actually pretty good. he got 8 steals in a game


    Only two of those players on the top are actually top 5 players right now. LeBron, Curry, KD, Kawhi, and Russ are the top 5. Russ would have to be left out because you'll need a big so I'd do Curry, KD, Kawhi, LeBron, AD.

    Also a bit unfair to pit the best from 2016 against the best from both 80s and 90s.