'16 John Wall diamond card
89 87 87

'16 John Wall

Gems of The Game / Moments 2

General information

6'4" (193cm)
195lbs (88kg)
Isolation Wing Isolation

Hot Zones


'16 John Wall diamond card

96 Overall

87 Outside scoring

  • 86 Standing shot mid
  • 85 Moving shot mid
  • 85 Standing shot 3pt
  • 84 Moving shot 3pt
  • 98 Shot IQ
  • 93 Free throw
  • 98 Offensive consistency

86 Inside scoring

  • 94 Standing shot close
  • 92 Moving shot close
  • 95 Standing layup
  • 96 Driving layup
  • 25 Standing dunk
  • 86 Driving dunk
  • 35 Contact dunk
  • 97 Draw foul
  • 42 Post control
  • 35 Post hook
  • 57 Post fadeaway
  • 98 Hands

93 Athleticism

  • 97 Speed
  • 90 Acceleration
  • 88 Vertical
  • 60 Strength
  • 98 Stamina
  • 97 Hustle
  • 90 Overall durability

95 Playmaking

  • 92 Ball control
  • 96 Passing accuracy
  • 97 Passing vision
  • 97 Passing IQ

91 Defending

  • 92 On-ball defense IQ
  • 50 Low post defense IQ
  • 89 Help defense IQ
  • 90 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 92 Lateral quickness
  • 96 Pass perception
  • 92 Reaction time
  • 95 Steal
  • 60 Block
  • 84 Shot contest
  • 90 Defensive consistency

61 Rebounding

  • 35 Offensive rebound
  • 70 Defensive rebound
  • 72 Boxout
  • 3590 Total attr.

Outside Scoring

Fade Ace

Excels at making fadeaway jumpers.

Inside Scoring

Spin Lay-In

Excels at making spin layups.


Makes hop-step layups at a higher % than others.

King Of Euros

Shines in his ability to make euro step layups.


Can change his shot in air and attempt difficult shots with few consequences.


Killer Crossover

Can cause his defender to stumble or fall with crossovers.

Spin Kingpin

Can cause his defender to get shock with his spin moves.

Stepback Freeze

Adept at freezing his defender with stepback moves.

Behind The Back Pro

Can catch his defender off guard with behind the back moves

Hesitation Stunner

Uses hesitation moves to freeze his defender on the way to the basket.

Master of In and Out

A ball-handler known for breaking his defender down with in and out moves.

Flashy Passer

Known for throwing accurate flashy passes.

Break Starter

Starts fastbreaks with accurate outlet passes.

Pick & Roll Maestro

Throws accurate passes and knocks down shots off the screen at a high percentage.

Lob City Passer

Completes alley oop passes at a high rate.


Elite passer known for hitting teammates in position to score.


Lob City Finisher

Catches and finished alley-oops at a higher rate than others.


Will succeed at dunking on opposing defenders more often than others.

One Man Fast Break

Excels at taking the ball coast to coast on a fastbreak.

Transition Finisher

Adept at running the fastbreak and finishing at a high rate.


Perimeter Lockdown Defender

While playing on-ball defense, this badge drops Outside Shooting and Playmaking badges and offensive attributes of his match-up.

Charge Card

Adept at placing himself in position to win charge calls.

Pick Dodger

Doesn’t get caught up on screens very easily.


More adept at stealing passes than others

Pick Pocket

Known for his ability to strip the ball from a ball-handler.

Chasedown Artist

Chases players down on fast breaks and effectively swats their shots from behind.



Alpha Dog

Steps his game up when his teammates are performing poorly.

Prime Time

Elevates his play in games of great significance.


Steps his game up in the 4th quarter and overtime when the game is close

Fierce Competition

Elevates his game when being outplayed or instigated.


Gets himself going by making big plays.

Heart and Soul

Rallies team when things are getting out of hand. Helps team stay focused.

Floor General

An offensive leader who can make his team better on offense by being on the court.


A tough player that will play through fatigue and inury without experiencing a sever drop in skill.

Keep It Real

Responds best to tough love


Has no problem expressing his feelings


  • 5 Standing dunk
  • 55 Driving dunk
  • 95 Flashy dunk
  • 70 Alley-oop
  • 15 Putback dunk
  • 25 Crash


  • 5 Standing layup
  • 60 Driving layup
  • 75 Spin layup
  • 85 Hop step layup
  • 90 Euro step layup
  • 80 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 99 Step through shot
  • 33 Shot under basket
  • 35 Shot close
  • 4 Shot close left
  • 3 Shot close middle
  • 2 Shot close right
  • 90 Shot mid
  • 40 Shot 3pt
  • 90 Contested jumper
  • 25 Stepback jumper
  • 25 Spin jumper
  • 35 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 25 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 5 Triple threat pump fake
  • 15 Triple threat jab step
  • 60 Triple threat idle
  • 20 Triple threat shoot
  • 60 Setup with sizeup
  • 20 Setup with hesitation
  • 20 No setup dribble


  • 99 Drive
  • 52 Drive right
  • 40 Driving crossover
  • 30 Driving spin
  • 30 Driving step back
  • 35 Driving half spin
  • 35 Driving double crossover
  • 30 Driving behind the back
  • 45 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 20 Driving in and out
  • 90 No driving dribble move
  • 70 Attack strong on drive


  • 82 Shoot
  • 91 Touches
  • 50 Roll vs. pop

Post game

  • 1 Post up
  • 0 Post shimmy shot
  • 5 Post face up
  • 15 Post back down
  • 0 Post aggressive backdown
  • 1 Shoot from post
  • 0 Post hook left
  • 0 Post hook right
  • 0 Post fade left
  • 0 Post fade right
  • 5 Post up and under
  • 5 Post hop shot
  • 5 Post step back shot
  • 0 Post drive
  • 0 Post spin
  • 0 Post drop step
  • 3 Post hop step


  • 93 Dish to open man
  • 50 Flashy pass
  • 30 Alley oop pass


  • 90 Pass interception
  • 58 Take charge
  • 94 On-ball steal
  • 75 Contest shot
  • 69 Block shot
  • 52 Foul
  • 15 Hard foul

Not a God

9, written by Jeremy9096

Buy him!

1, written by CookieJar


0, written by JDWC

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    without a doubt the best possible point guard in the game.
    gold john wall is cheesy as it is, but a wall with a jump shot, insane defence, and improved playmaking is unstoppable


    Put +6 3 shoes on him...ezmoney


    Sadly you can't put the 3pt shoes on him since he's with Adidas not Nike :(

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    He switched to Jordan


    nah theres a glitch


    I've never understood anyone calling players cheesy just cut they r really good. Why is the gold John wall cheesy?, cuz he's super fast and can dunk on people? He's not that great of a shooter.


    there are a ton of players that are really good that arent cheesy at all. like diamond kobe, lebron, and the list goes on and on.
    but john wall is cheesy cuz if you turbo down the court and drive baseline, its very hard to stop because of his speed and acceleration. his only major flaw is not having a reliable jumpshot.
    so a wall with good outside shooting would be insane.

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    Yeah but 2K did a good job with defense this year and the ability to cut off any player trying to go baseline, even with Wall or Dynamic Westbrook with 95 acc and 99 speed from a speed shoe. I never have a problem with stopping it. Last year was a different story. A lot people also say Kobe and players with 92+ 3 pt ratings r cheese too. Maybe I'm just tired of the word. It came from All Pro Football 2K8 I think. I've been hearing about cheese for damn near a decade now. Sometimes people do use exploits too much, but it's also the go to excuse for anyone who is mad they r getting outplayed.


    yeah i hear what youre saying. 2k improved defense a lot this year, and baseline drives are a lot easier to stop. But the transition defense in this game is absolutely horrendous online. If you had this Diamond John Wall, you could legit turbo down the court every possession and dunk, pass, or pull up (since he has a jumpshot now). It would essentially be a fastbreak almost every possession and thats pretty hard to stop.


    Yeah that's true, but if u r set on limit transition and be sure u get at least big man and a good perimeter defender back, u should be able to stop the break 90% of time if u know what u r doing. Don't get me wrong this is the first diamond card I got and love it. If u add the right shooting badges to him, he can truly do everything well, and is the best all around PG out so far in my opinion. In the gauntlet he's unstoppable too.


    And a lot of players with 95+ 3 pt rating like diamond kobe people say r cheese.


    diamond kobe isn't cheesy at all.
    that's just an example of an amazing card.
    how did you afford this diamond wall??


    If I couldn't make good MT like that, I wouldn't even play 2K. It wouldn't be worth my time to work hard as hell for weeks just to get 100K and buy 1 gold or amethyst player. Even though it's the only game I play, I wouldn't even mess with it if that how it was. If I couldn't get all the great players, it wouldn't be fun enough, I'd do something else with my time. 2K need to stop being greedy and let some people make some real MT and find a way to cut out buying it. If they weren't so greedy they'f make plenty more $ off 2K, but buying VC for my team packs is a waste. Instead 2K getting middle manned by people stacking that MT and selling it. I completely understand why people buy it, but it drives the prices up so damn high on the block.


    I don't think diamond kobe is cheese, I just said there r plenty of people who say that about guys rated 95+ 3 pt. Tbh I don't even use the word, any player they wanna put out is fair game to me, but I feel u on how fast Wall is, Westbrook too. How did I afford diamond Wall? I'm just good in the auction house. I know how to make a lot. I majored in computer science, programming and networks in college and work in that field. It helps a lot with sniping players, and I know a few other tricks and strategies. I've never bought mt, I make my own. I bought 200K VC once but that was it. I have diamond Curry and Nash too. I'm saving up for Diamond Kobe and Kyrie too for when their prices come down a little or I may go after the MVP Kobe or some the all star cards if I like them better. I've got like 30 amethyst and 1800 cards in my collection and all but 3 of the runes. I'm going for diamond MJ. In 2K15 I have damn near every card, all the onyx, sapphire, diamond, and pink diamond other than Lebron. Check out my twitter @Live1mike if u wanna see for yourself. I was always busy when they dropped that Lebron code. Anyway though, I can make 100K in an hour or two no problem. I don't do glitches or buy mt or anything like that, that could possibly get me banned.


    interesting. I completely agree with you on 2k's selfishness; the only way to get these diamond cards is by buying thousands of dollars worth of MT or VC and getting lucky.
    Whats your method for getting a quick 100k? I have a similar method but it takes a bit longer (and doesn't get as much MT lol).
    Last year, my 2k15 squad was insane tho. All 11 pink diamonds, onyx t mac, kobe, diamond ai, pretty much every op card in the game. this year tho, mine isn't nearly as good.
    Any tips for quick mt?


    Well one way is I know how to make my network REALLY fast, I have a lot of top notch expensive networking equipment that I know how to use very well so my network is going so fast it gives me much better chances at getting snipes or just players I can resell for a lot. I try to keep my balance over 3 mil so I have the MT when I need it, especially for when someone sells a diamond for 1 mil buy out or less and I can sell it for twice that or more. The other way that I quickly make 100K requires a lot of computer and networking equipment too is very complicated. Actually there r 2, and one is less complicated I could try to help u out. Hit me up on PS4 or Twitter DM (LIve1MIke on both), and just so u know I'm not gonna ask u for your Account Password or anything like that. I'm not a scammer.


    just sent you a message on twitter. follow back so we can dm


    Yea, but he dunks and he's super fast. That's why he's cheesy


    Will you pull him?


    CalderonFan4Life pulled him on stream, he will be uploading it today. He pulled Wall on his 13th pack...


    yeah i saw it

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    yeah it is just crazy


    Can't believe I'm saying this but... I wanna open Moments packs.


    me to i want to get all of the new ones including
    BUtler and Lillard . I have the rest of them


    is he on the market?


    There should be one Diamond Wall on PS4, not sure about Xbox


    no there is one on one now


    Nice, thanks.


    yep i'm gonna either try to buy him or try to pull him XD


    Best of luck. You'll probably pull Butler tho.


    i already did he's a beast






    sorry have to go be back around 3:00


    Lol ok see ya then




    i wonder for how much he will go


    bid price 10 million MT.No buy now


    i pulled him in a box i bought with my from selling silver players


    Damn imagine him and moments Jimmy Butler in the backcourt!


    Moments Jimmy Butler sucks lol there's a reason why people are only spending like 450K for him.


    I find this interesting, from looking at Diamond Jimmy's stats I would think he is pretty good, is he inconsistent or something? I have used his gold card and felt he was pretty good, so, it surprises me that his Diamond wouldn't be that good.

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    Yes very inconsistent at the 3's and his release is easy to get down tho, I've used him mutiple times in the gauntlet, but I would rather have his gold card over his diamond card cause they're about the same but you know, you save like 600K hahah


    Oh i didn't know never played with him

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    Yea never get him if u ever have the chance, unless u pull him haha why wouldn't you keep a diamond pull lol


    Well deserved, but IMO isaiah deverves another one too


    Should be a isiah moments with a 88-90 ovr.


    Great 2k releasing more diamonds that cost more then a million on the market with no ways to earn MT in the game,


    I know a million MT is still way too much but do you really think everyone deserves to use a diamond card? You make it sound as if they should be giving us ways to earn tens of thousands of MT per day so that everyone can afford a diamond card. There are only two possible outcomes of that, either everyone has diamond cards (and we have the 2k15 situation of too many OP lineups), or the diamond cards simply become even more expensive.


    only way a normal person can use a diamond player is to spends hundreds of dollars in buying mt or sit on the auction house 24/7 and hoping to get a good snipe. they have literally given us no NEW ways to earn MT from playing the game since the game came out. we should be able to play the game and afford a few of the good cards or at least lower the pack odds because the prices are ridiculous. I can pay off my college fees if i pull a diamond player from packs.

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    The price of diamond players is ridiculous indeed but I really don't think all "normal" players should be able to use them. Are the amethyst league cards that all go for under 200k not good enough? People seem to assume that you should be able to put in an amount of money and get a guaranteed diamond card, but that's not how the system works. The people who do get diamond cards are those who get lucky on packs, it's as simple as that. The only reason diamond cards are considered so good is because they are rare.


    The ones who get Diamond Cards are the ones that buy millions of MT, while there's someone who has grinded and played the game many more hours can't come close to it. I don't see any reason for someone who grinds hard on the game to not be able to get diamond cards while some else who just buys MT and sits around can. The game was meant to be played not to keep repaying for it imo.


    So then we should be complaining about those who buy MT, not about there not being enough ways to earn MT.


    There are no NEW ways to earn MT, they haven't added ANYTHING since the game came out that involves earning more mt by PLAYING the game. All we've gotten is dumb diamonds added to terrible pack odds and stupid challenges for trash silver scrubs that nobody will use.


    And I don't know if you realized but the high DPOY pack pull rate made a lot of players drop 10%-50%. That's pretty bad for the market. It shouldn't be possible for me to buy a card for 150k and have it worth 100k literally within a few hours.


    I SNIPED a Harden (at the time) 400k, it was 600-700k at the time, one day later it was 150k now its about 110-120k


    On PC all of the amethyst players dropped 400 to 700 percent except the 90 OVR PG's...


    That's ridiculous


    But what kinds of "new" ways to earn MT do you want? Do you realize that new game modes can't be added after the game is released? The only thing they can do is add challenges, which they have been doing. Pack odds might as well be irrelevant, because if pack odds were higher you'd simply start complaining about how useless all the amethysts you pull are instead of how useless the golds you pull are. Packs aren't the way to get good cards, it's gambling, it's meant to have odds against you.


    They could easily add a new Gauntlet board as announced for example.

    Kyrie Irving went for 7.5 Million this weekend (PS4). Thats over 1.500,00 $ for a virtual card that is worthless in a few months. Is that sick or what?

    I played a kid with every diamond in the game except Kyrie this WE. Guess what? He sucked ass. He would've lost to any average player with a gold team.

    Make diamonds rare but dont give it to some dumb kids. Give a diamond out on a new Gauntlet board for 1.000 wins for example.


    See this is where i think it's worth adding that no matter what, you have to put work in to get rewards. if you grind in this game you will receive rewards. But you know what will get you better rewards? Grinding in real life, lol. Work a couple shifts, spend that money on MT, and bam - you grinded for the game. Work pays off, why not do the work that pays the most?


    You can get a full amethyst lineup just by playing the game, I think they gave us enough free cards. Also the drop rates on the dpoy packs were crazy, I would have lowered them by a fair amount. I opened 1,5 million worth of those packs and now have a full amethyst lineup, which is crazy in my opinion. This way anything under 90 overall becomes useless and, as tupac said you keep facing god squads. If I only played once against diamond john wall this year that would be enough for me, I don't want to face him every game, like with steve nash whom everybody has. if they released a limited amount of this card, lets say 200 of them for each platform that would be perfectly fair.


    Totally agree with you in that statement.


    Or they can save up like 300k for diamond Kemba Walker, Walt Frazier, or Bill Russell lololol


    I'm gonna start doing opening some moments packs now that there is actually some awesome players to get




    The only thing I don't like about these cards is that we know that Wilt is one of the greatest to ever do it right? Then why for one game does a player get rated higher than all of his cards untill they release his MVP and moments card. So many legends are being put down in value to the game by thewe one timers. It doesn't make sense to me, I have said this before and I will say it again make these cards available in challenges that are impossible to complete such as you have to go up against the greatest of all time with a team of bronze players on HOF then at the end of the month all the moments cards disappear and we get new moments cards for that month. This way you have to be REALLY GOOD to get them and not just a guy with no life and spends up to one thousand dollars to get these players. This may seem like a stupid idea but for all the people who are human and have llamas it would be nice to know that we have a shot!!


    2K would love to reward fans for playing there game and being good at it but they won't do anything too drastic to take money out of there pocket. 2K likes money and nothing is going to change that.


    The people who buy mt do have lives Thas y they doin it and the people who play 24/7 are the grinders and all they do is play 2k, just sayin


    I know and the thing is 2k isn't even makeing as much money from it because people are just buying from goldah and other sites and either opening packs or just buying them

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    even his current version is better than steph, can't think how this card dominates the game
    not a hater btw


    This card is better than Steph cuz i had it, but his base is not better than curry smh


    Damn. 3 point shoes on him= complete PG.


    John wall has a diamond, amethyst, and a gold card. DAMN


    @chriss_ OMG I NEED THIS CARD


    Oh look another diamond card im never going to get...


    Yup... I'm on the same page as u..


    I was thinking that if they could've upgraded his shooting, they could've given him 99 speed. Then again, there are the shoes that you can apply to players to give them more speed.


    Aye I was at this game. John wall is too good


    A John Wall that can shoot? Arguably the best point guard in the game.


    What did he do?


    36 points, 13 assists, 7 rebounds and 7 steals vs the Celtics yesterday.


    yeah but he missed a layup to tie the game , that's weird


    Got him on PC !!! Not sure is i should sell , he looks sick


    sell, you can easily get more than 5mil on this.


    No Isaiah Thomas???


    Come on Shake.


    I'm just waiting on Diamond Anthony Morrow #GOAT


    Wow...I really want this card. Telling myself I don't need it....so tempting


    that ugly jersey though, ugh!


    He can shoooooooooooot!


    Bruh they should've given him a 99 steal, because he had 7 steals


    Please check out my gameplay with him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTRoauju_ZI


    Reason for card:

    36 points, 13 assists, 7 steals, 7 rebounds in a loss vs. Celtics


    Anyone have an opinion on this...will there be another my team game mode so we can play online more?
    As of now finish rttp and then you just re-play it?


    one of the few point guards that can soar and hit jumpers


    he had a better game tonight but since he already has a moments he wont get another :(


    He's a dope playmaker. I run Curry at the PG and him at the SG but I run almost all my plays through him while Curry just does his own thing with the ball.


    This or diamond Kyrie?




    Bought this card a couple days ago and it def was worth it. This card is very good on offense and defense even rebounds. But what i really like about this diamond card is that he can fly. He has amazing dunks and can posterize taller and bigger players. Tried a couple 3zz and his 50/50. Def get him if u have the MT for it.


    Im confuse, why did john wall 3 pointers stat is only 85. John wall percentage from 3 is higher than westbrook and westbrook 3 pointer in game is higher than wall...


    i do this thing i call it the struggle myteam card where i just go into roster creator and copy the stats from moments cards onto the original cards...


    John wall is one of my favorite card in nba 2k16


    Who would W in a race R. westbrook or J. wall


    Do The John Wall
    Troop 41

    Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance
    Flex to the left throw some money out your hands
    Do it for the city and we do it for the fans
    To ball like Wall boy you gotta' do the dance

    Everybody do the John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall

    Everybody clear out, hand me the rock
    Time winding down 3 seconds on the shot clock
    Break the defense homeboy I can't be stopped
    All about my money so you know I'm hitting bank shots
    I'm trying to tell them, boy you can't guard this
    Beast on the court homeboy I play the hardest
    Jump shot stupid, yeah it's retarded
    You can't guard me in the paint I'm an artist
    See I hustle on the floor call me Rick Ross
    See the Troop get it jumping like a tip-off
    I play hard until I hear the ref blow the whistle
    I'm a player but my game be so official
    Never reach got to stay out of foul trouble
    But I drive in the lane, get them in foul trouble
    They cant solve my game I'm a hard puzzle
    But I keep three dimes that's a triple double

    Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance
    Flex to the left throw some money out your hands
    Do it for the city and we do it for the fans
    To ball like Wall boy you gotta' do the dance

    Everybody do the John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall

    Sick with it
    Hustle for the rock I go-go get it
    I'm in it to win it, 919 baby we represent it
    And I don't ball hog we got our whole team in it
    See you just dribble but ain't ever got the heart to finish
    Can't put me out the game I'm in that thing from start to finish
    And if I can't drive the lane then best believe I'm about to dish it
    Sideline drifting now I'm gliding down the baseline
    About to do a big slam catch me on them inches
    Coming from the south side
    The expectations of us is that we will not rise
    And still we prove them wrong, we flexing cause we hot guys
    Bring life to the game we will not die
    Hah, Yeah
    Stand tall, yeah you call that the great Wall
    All I do is ball I get up I can take a fall
    I'm Hungry for the top, call it lunchtime
    Game winning shot, yeah it's clutch time

    Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance
    Flex to the left throw some money out your hands
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    To ball like Wall boy you gotta' do the dance

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    Let's do it
    Oh yeah we balling, balling until we falling
    Until the last second I'm guessing we gone be brawling
    Cause Kentucky here to win, not to watch you play
    Whole world do the dance say what up UK
    Better take him out the game, cause they say that boy insane
    When he coming down the lane, trying to catch a bang bang
    First we flex, show the muscle then JIGG on them
    For the small play, let my Cousins get big on them
    You ain't handling nothing I'm about to catch a steal on them
    Pass it to the point, crossover and I'm still on them
    Crowd going bananas so you know that's why we peel on them
    And we from the "R", ain't nothing like being real on them
    Jump shot deadly, you know that we kill on them
    Time to grab the money ball, about to shoot a bill on them
    Yeahh, north cack we gone show them how to do it
    Do the John Wall it ain't really nothing to it

    Raleigh be the city where we like to do the dance
    Flex to the left throw some money out your hands
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    To ball like Wall boy you gotta' do the dance

    Everybody do the John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall
    John Wall




    might aswell stick to the actual card


    2k trolling continues


    This isn't trolling, this is a card based on a game where he had 36 points, 7 rebounds, 13 assists, and 7 assists on nearly 50% shooting. Plus he's been absolutely balling out this season so it's a deserved card. Madden does the same stuff, I'm glad 2k is finally putting out good content for once


    *I meant 7 steals

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    but now he is better than players like Lebron or Curry


    and dont dislike my comments, its just my opinion. They should release these cards but y are all of them 96 ovr. He deserved 92/93 but not 96


    I know but does he really deserve to be higher than LBJ? Curry? Steve Nash?... Just saying dont hate on me

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    His regular card doesn't but moment cards are for one spectacular game. Maybe 96 is a bit high but the card will be so rare it doesn't really matter.


    His stats deserved this card, but in a loss? Not to mention he missed an open layup to tie


    He was going wayyyyyyyyyy to fast to give the ball an easy layin. He ran the whole court in 3 secs.


    Pulled this card. Should I sell him and get 95 CP3, 91 LaVine, and 92 Klay, or just keep him?


    Nevermind, I already did.