'03 Dirk Nowitzki gold card
97 85 84 84

General information

PF / C
7'0" (213cm)
237lbs (107kg)
P&R Roll Man P&R Point Cutter

Hot Zones


'03 Dirk Nowitzki gold card

88 Overall

92 Outside scoring

  • 94 Standing shot mid
  • 92 Moving shot mid
  • 85 Standing shot 3pt
  • 81 Moving shot 3pt
  • 98 Shot IQ
  • 88 Free throw
  • 98 Offensive consistency

90 Inside scoring

  • 94 Standing shot close
  • 94 Moving shot close
  • 98 Standing layup
  • 75 Driving layup
  • 65 Standing dunk
  • 48 Driving dunk
  • 35 Contact dunk
  • 78 Draw foul
  • 96 Post control
  • 69 Post hook
  • 99 Post fadeaway
  • 98 Hands

62 Athleticism

  • 55 Speed
  • 50 Acceleration
  • 40 Vertical
  • 68 Strength
  • 94 Stamina
  • 78 Hustle
  • 81 Overall durability

57 Playmaking

  • 57 Ball control
  • 60 Passing accuracy
  • 51 Passing vision
  • 74 Passing IQ

69 Defending

  • 67 On-ball defense IQ
  • 73 Low post defense IQ
  • 70 Help defense IQ
  • 69 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 35 Lateral quickness
  • 68 Pass perception
  • 77 Reaction time
  • 63 Steal
  • 60 Block
  • 77 Shot contest
  • 65 Defensive consistency

78 Rebounding

  • 55 Offensive rebound
  • 86 Defensive rebound
  • 84 Boxout
  • 3242 Total attr.

02/11/16 (Viewing) 88 PF C 90 92 57 62 69 78
10/27/15 88 PF C 90 92 57 62 69 78

Outside Scoring


Can heat up with limited number of shots.


Can maintain his hot streak throughout timeouts and breaks better than most.

Corner Specialist

Known for his ability to knock down threes from the corner.


Can knock down contested shots better than most.

Fade Ace

Excels at making fadeaway jumpers.

Shot Creator

Known for making tough shots off the dribble after creating space to shoot.

Inside Scoring

Screen Outlet

Excels as the screener in the pick & roll game.

Bank Is Open

Excels at banking in jumpers.

Relentless Finisher

A player who can take physical punishment on contact shots near the rim without severely impacting his energy.

Drop Stepper

Known for his ability to us the drop step move to his advantage in the post.

Post Hoperator

Excels at making hop-shots out of the post.

Post Stepback Pro

Shines in his ability to use the post stepback move to score in the post.

Dream-like Up and Under

Known for his ability to use the drop step move to his advantage in the post.

Post Hook Specialist

Known for his ability to make hook shots from the post at a high percentage.





More adept at stealing passes than others


Offensive Crasher

An elite defensive rebounder known for chasing rebounds out of his area.

Defensive Crasher

An elite offensive rebounder known for his ability to get through and around boxouts.


Alpha Dog

Steps his game up when his teammates are performing poorly.

Prime Time

Elevates his play in games of great significance.


Steps his game up in the 4th quarter and overtime when the game is close

Heart and Soul

Rallies team when things are getting out of hand. Helps team stay focused.


A tough player that will play through fatigue and inury without experiencing a sever drop in skill.

Low Ego

Values team success more than anything.

Legendary Work Ethic

Works harder than the typical NBA player.


  • 5 Standing dunk
  • 5 Driving dunk
  • 0 Flashy dunk
  • 10 Alley-oop
  • 25 Putback dunk
  • 20 Crash


  • 10 Standing layup
  • 10 Driving layup
  • 30 Spin layup
  • 35 Hop step layup
  • 50 Euro step layup
  • 60 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 67 Step through shot
  • 49 Shot under basket
  • 40 Shot close
  • 6 Shot close left
  • 3 Shot close middle
  • 2 Shot close right
  • 75 Shot mid
  • 50 Shot 3pt
  • 99 Contested jumper
  • 40 Stepback jumper
  • 30 Spin jumper
  • 70 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 45 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 5 Triple threat pump fake
  • 10 Triple threat jab step
  • 45 Triple threat idle
  • 40 Triple threat shoot
  • 0 Setup with sizeup
  • 30 Setup with hesitation
  • 70 No setup dribble


  • 40 Drive
  • 50 Drive right
  • 0 Driving crossover
  • 5 Driving spin
  • 0 Driving step back
  • 0 Driving half spin
  • 0 Driving double crossover
  • 0 Driving behind the back
  • 0 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 0 Driving in and out
  • 90 No driving dribble move
  • 60 Attack strong on drive


  • 96 Shoot
  • 87 Touches
  • 10 Roll vs. pop

Post game

  • 77 Post up
  • 50 Post shimmy shot
  • 35 Post face up
  • 35 Post back down
  • 15 Post aggressive backdown
  • 66 Shoot from post
  • 15 Post hook left
  • 10 Post hook right
  • 80 Post fade left
  • 75 Post fade right
  • 30 Post up and under
  • 30 Post hop shot
  • 80 Post step back shot
  • 5 Post drive
  • 5 Post spin
  • 5 Post drop step
  • 18 Post hop step


  • 51 Dish to open man
  • 15 Flashy pass
  • 0 Alley oop pass


  • 54 Pass interception
  • 58 Take charge
  • 52 On-ball steal
  • 60 Contest shot
  • 62 Block shot
  • 40 Foul
  • 20 Hard foul

OP as fuck

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    I really hope there will be a Dirk card rater higher than 88, his MVP or Finals MVP version would be dope


    Honestly man...Hes the best PF along with Barkley, Malone and Timmy. In my opinion he may be the greatest. So underrated as a passer and teammate. The most humble and unselfish player in the league. At 37 still one of the deadliest shooters in the game, by far the greatest 90s player atm. 50-40-90 seasons and most importantly won a championship with probably the most underdog team in any finals ever. He outscored Lebron+Wade+Bosh combined in the finals...think about that...Before haters come and say some shit, for you Timmy may be #1 or Barkley or whoever but either way Dirk is top 5 PFs no matter how you see it...hes also top 50 all time and in some peoples opinion top 20 and top 10...Also massively under-appreciated on defense and his ball-handling skills in earlier years. Honestly 2k, stop disrespecting the legends. Dirk needs a 95 card since 2k are givin them out to so many players who dont even deserve em.


    Well, I couldn't agree more with you, I'm german and he's probably the reason I started to watch Basketball, he's my favorite player of all time. Of course you have to accept that Tim Duncan is the best PF ever, there's no debating that imo. But still, Dirk is one of the most under-appreciated players ever and I completely agree with you, his defense wasn't bad in his prime and he had some athleticism (and ball handling as you said) too. I know the ratings on this game aren't perfect, but having 10 or more PFs rated higher than Dirk in his prime (for example '10 Chris Bosh LOL) is silly and unacceptable. Like I said in my original comment, I still hope they put another version of him in the game.

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    Well since they threw in diamond Jamal Crawford not everything is lost yet, We might see another dirk, a diamond or amethyst dirk from one of his excellent performances :)


    They even put in Diamond Luis Scola now...if we don't get Diamond Dirk, we riot lol. Maybe they'll give him one when he passes Shaq for 6th all-time in points, he's less than 30 points away now. Or maybe they'll give Dirk and T-Mac both a diamond for their epic OT battle in 2004.

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    "He outscored Lebron+Wade+Bosh combined in the finals." What in the world are you talking about? You either lied, or you worded that statement wrong.


    Trust me there's no way it is, he's gotta be an amethyst


    Why is that down voted if everyone agrees


    Yea if they make a new card.... This dirk is already in the game his overall isn't changing

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    That's some BS, the Germanator needs a purple


    Lol your wish has been granted.


    This should be upgraded to Amethyst. His current card is an 84 so if one of his best seasons is only 4 more, then we have a problem.


    Its part of a classic team, so it won't


    its not going to be


    It's a Diamond now GG


    I will be very displeased if this is the best Dirk this year... I liked using Dirk last year better than Onyx KG


    Best post fade in the game


    I would hope so.... it's a 99


    Its so sad Dirk is unappreciated. Dude has done so much, they're better be a 94 OVR plus Dirk if this is not gonna be a 90ish


    Dirk second best pf all time



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    (deleted comment on accident)

    1. Karl
    2. Tim
    3. Dirk

    Anyways, that explains how the comments on this website are. You say your opinion (in a non hating way) and you get a ton of dislikes... What a joke.


    1. Tim
    2. Karl
    3. KG
    4. Dirk
    5. Chuck


    KG is so overrated, his stats certainly don't warrant top 3 all time, and even top 5 PF's all time isn't a given with the numbers he has put up over his career. I'd put him 5th personally at best. It all comes down to personal opinion, but if you base your opinions just by stats, KG is definitely not 3rd all time PF.


    Anyone who bases their opinions just by stats has no merit at all.


    I've changed since then, I'd swap KG and Dirk atm

    Your point is exctly why


    Why don't they have an MVP card for him?


    Cuz 2k on some drugs


    When his ratings are official he should be better than best KG


    I'm sorry but Dirk was not as good as KG


    Just came across this debate, good points on both sides. In my opinion you two are just both on the side of you favourite player. If you go by stats (http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=1&y1=2011&p1=nowitdi01&y2=2010&p2=garneke01&p3=&p4=&p5=&p6=) I took the first 13 seasons for garnett (until 2010 when he was in the finals with the celtics) and the first 12 seasons for Dirk (both have now 2 finals trips). If you look at the stats, I would see it like this: It is always pretty close but during the season KG is better/more important (see win shares, especially defensively) but come playoff time you have to give it to Dirk. He played good defense and far better offense. He even has a higher effective FG%.

    The final point for me is that KG was nothing in the 2010 finals whereas Dirk was money in both of his finals appearances.

    For me it still is pretty close, Dirk lead his teams deeper into the playoffs, he was better when it counted most, that makes him better in my opinion.

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    KG only made it out of the first round one time in his career during his prime in Minnesota because his team was absolute horse shit. Dirk was amazing in the postseason but the stats skew very heavily in his favor because he made it deeper into the Playoffs with better supporting casts. You're only as good in the postseason as your team allows you to be.


    I did more research. I think I have to give it to you like this purely individually KD was better than Dirk just because his defensive upside is bigger than Dirks offensive upside. But in a team situation I would take Dirk because of his affect on the total offense (spacing, drawing double teams, being unstoppable). KD could hold it together on the defensive end but it is easier to surround Dirk with a good defender than giving KD a top notch scorer.

    In the end, imagine Dirk and KD teaming up and all the woulda, coulda, shoulda that would come out of this leathal duo...


    edit: of course it's KG not KD sorry, bad typo...


    No he wasn't. KG averaged amazing numbers on the Timberwolves because the team sucked. They never won a championship. Dirk led a team that sucked to a championship. Plus, he basically put up Brook Lopez numbers in Boston and had Paul pierce, rondo, and Ray Allen in his prime to go along with him.

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    You forgot the part where KG led that shitty Wolves team to the Western Conference Finals and only lost to arguably the best Lakers roster ever assembled featuring Kobe, Shaq, Gary Payton and Karl Malone. Dirk's team was far from shit, which was quite obvious if you actually watched the 2011 Playoffs and Finals and how key role players were able to cut off LeBron and Miami's big 3.

    Seriously do some homework, KG in his prime is twice the player Dirk in his prime ever was. KG is one of the best facilitating forwards to ever play the game, in a stretch in his MVP season he actually played a point guard role.

    Don't forget KG is one of the most elite rebounding power forwards of all-time, and is arguably one of the best pick and roll defenders to play the game. He was a defensive mastermind. This also discredits your dumb Brook Lopez comparison, or did you forget that in 2008 KG won Defensive Player of the Year? His impact to that Boston team was vital to their success. Comparing him to Brook Lopez is just clutching at straws and quite honestly disrespectful. It shows you don't know much about him and never watched him play.

    The ONLY advantage Dirk in his prime ever had over KG was shooting. KG was a much better rebounder, much better defender, much better facilitator, much better finisher at the rim, much faster and much more athletic. You are absolutely kidding yourself if you think Dirk deserves to be higher rated than prime KG when he was inferior in so many facets of the game.


    lol...please read everyone else's comments on this page...No wonder ratings are so shit with people like you as admins at 2k and/or on this website...


    You provide no argument to dispute my points. Why would Dirk be rated higher than KG when he was only superior in one facet of the game? It's like saying Melo should be better than LeBron because he's a better pure scorer despite lacking the other all-around qualities LeBron possesses.

    I agree this Dirk is underrated, but there is literally no valid case whatsoever to argue that Dirk should be a higher overall than KG period. I'd be happy to change my stance if you can provide one, but until then you just appear biased based off your username.

    FYI I am not affiliated with 2k whatsoever nor do I determine the ratings. I just help administrate this website.


    Seriously though, so many people blame the admins/mods or the site for ratings... that's so weird. It's not NBA2kMTCentral 16, it's NBA2k 16 lol


    I just came from a lengthy argument about Kobe and would rather not get into Dirk now. If you want to discuss this in length, with opinions and facts then lets please do so, because I do believe you should change your views slightly and see Dirk as the player that he is and that he is slightly better than KG. Until we get into that discussion, look up ESPNs Best PFs of all time (released this week) Dirk is a close 3rd behind Timmy and Malone and above Barkley and KG...I dont fully agree with the list myself as I think the Mailman's stats were highly inflated due to his luck having Stockton. I also think Dirk and Timmy are on par, both insane in their own ways. However, this was voted by commentators and coaches that know the game of basketball far better than most of us...so even if some things can be switched around...the fact that Dirk is far above KG says it all... In case you dont respect NBA affiliates, then I suggest you look up Magic Johnsons opinion on Dirk, who for him, is a top 10 all time player and the greatest PF with Timmy. Stats dont always tell the whole story and Dirks rebounding is actually very good. Especially as the Mavs have always supported him with better rebounders (Bradley, Chandler, Zaza and more) KG never had that and was trusted as the top rebounder for the celtics. Look at KG now, doin jacked shit while Dirk is lightin up the NBA. KGs only championship came with a star studded Celtics team...Dirks mavs would later annihilate an even better Lakers squad before Dirk single handedly took apart the Big Three...and dont tell me Kidd and chandler stopped them...lol a 38 year old Kidd and Tyson Chandler...yeah im sure that was what really killed the Heat...Again, lengthier discussion sometime else. Honestly though, look at the Leagues opinion and that of players like Barkley and Magic in terms of Dirk... I think thats the most reliable source as we are just observers creating opinions. I know you have nothing to do with ratings and thanks for the work on this site, Cheers (Y)


    There's no need for a lengthy discussion because you're completely missing the point. Everyone responding to me brings up KGs days in Boston or Dirk in 2011. I've made it abundantly clear that I am solely comparing their prime years, and as far as their primes go KG was a more complete player which in turn should have him at a higher overall than Dirk, as KG was by most stats and metrics better all around than Dirk ever was. I never at any point stated that I think KG has led a better career, so the people trying to make that argument are wasting their time because I agree Dirk had led a more productive career, but KG in his prime has a very very valid case over Dirk in his prime.

    Also lol at acting like KG only won with a loaded team like he was carried. As I stated above, 08 Championship year KG was DPOY and 3rd in MVP voting. That's not the mark of someone being carried to a championship.


    My argument applies to Prime years as well. Firstly the voting process at ESPN accounts for level of play in Prime years as the main voting metric, you can go read all about it there if you wish. Secondly "Prime" years aren't so easily defined. Dirk had another Prime year in 2011 although he many would say 2004-08 were his Prime years, by age and consistent stats. Also that whole stats dont lie bullshit annoys me. Just because KG has more rebounds or a higher FG% doesnt mean shit. They are completely different players, KG has a midrange but he was and is in many ways a post-heavy player, so naturally he will have a higher consistency in the shots he takes. Dirk is FAR better offensively, he can do absolutely anything on the court, had a 50-40-90 season. Is FAR more clutch and overall a better shooter. KG doesnt even reaaally have a 3 pt shot. A whole facet of his game basically gone. Also Dirk wasnt a bad defender in his so called "Prime". Hes insanely quick for his height which is why he outruns larger attackers and defenders, while just dominating smaller players. Dirk has the most unstoppable shot in History and is amazing at the Free Throw Line. KG isnt a terrible FT shooter but he's not the greatest. He cant shoot 3s well. So that leaves us with a simple midrange and/or bankshot and some posthooks and layups...Wow...what an arsenal...Dirk on the other hand does everything offensively. Far better scorer. So KG has an advantage in rebounds...and even that isnt much...Dirk has averaged near 10 rebounds a game numerous times...once again WITH bigger players brought to Dallas with the mission to rebound. KG doesnt have that. Also Dirk is one of those players that stats dont show fully. hes the guy with the unmeasured stuff. The clutch performance, the heart, the effort, the teamwork, the unselfishness. the pass first mentality. He's always had terrible teams...Even Magic Johnson wouldnt have the assists he had if he was on a shit team all his career. So thats subjective. trust me, if Dirk wouldve gone around bandwagoning to different teams like KG and always having people to finish off his passes and boost his own assists then he'd outdo KG in every stat apart from rebounding...and Man bringing up MVPs is a joke...everyone knows the Award means jacked shit...just given out to the best player ON THE BEST TEAM. Otherwise Kobe wouldve won basically every award between 03 and 09. Also Dirk won an MVP too, and he actually won it with great stats...KG didnt have his best rebounding or assist season and barely scored 24 pts per game in his MVP season...Kobe, Wade, Shaq, Lebron demolished his stats that year... Also KG spent over 10 years with the Twolves...Lost in the first round of the playoffs 8 times HAHAHAHA...Dirk took the worst team ever to the finals in 06 and won against the big three with another shit team in 11... KG only won because he had a great team after trading his lucky ass to Boston...and I dont think I ever said anything about him being carried...He was probs the best player on that celtics team...But he had ray Allen (who actually led all celtics in scoring for a year or 2 in KGs time) and Rondo and Pierce (also outdid KG in many categories) while Dirk led in scoring, FT%, 3pt% and especially come playoff time in rebounds as well consistently over many years...and yes we're talking PRIME. KG getting bombed out in the first round 8 TIMES. 8. What a leader. What an all time great player....mhmm top facts.


    I'm not even going to waste my time with the fact that you're citing ESPN as a source. I mean these are the same people who have Steph Curry listed as the 4th best point guard of all time when he's only had 2 good seasons. They've listed him above proven consistent legends like Zeke, Nash and Kidd. ESPN is not a credible source to base an argument off.

    Oh look I can be biased too. I can completely flip what you said around.

    Dirk was a good defender, but he wasn't a reeeeaaaly good defender. KG is arguably the greatest pick and roll defender that ever played the game and his defensive communication with his teammates is some of the best ever seen. He was able to defend guards on the wings or centers on the block. His help defense is almost unrivaled and his athleticism made him a complete package. KG used to facilitate the ball like a point guard and is widely considered by analysts and other playerd one of the best facilitating forwards of all time. Dirk did not possess these qualities.

    I mean you can bring up KG's playoff losses with that bum ass roster all you like but the very year of this card you're arguing to get a boost Dirk lost in the playoffs when he had a loaded team featuring Steve Nash, Nick Van Exel, Michael Finley, Shawn Bradley and Raef LaFrentz.

    Just lol at bringing up KG's stats from his MVP season while at the same time making the case that Dirk's impact went beyond the stat sheet, bit hypocritical, no? It goes both ways and you made my point for me. I don't want to debate this anymore tbh there's a very strong bias and KG seems to get no love due to Boston which isn't even relevant and playoff record with a bottom of the ladder quality roster. Those teams don't even come close to the playoffs without KG, if you honestly truthfully expected him to be able to take them to the Finals you are delusional, and funny part is he almost did in his MVP sesson


    Just gonna point out the ESPN article was on primes, not whole careers I believe. Hence why KD was so high as well (but people seem to 'forget' that...)


    All people are getting mad about is Curry because everyone here are Curry haters, but KD was ranked above Curry at like 21st all time and KEVIN LOVE was in the top 100... but everyone as you said "forgets" that


    Personally I don't see a problem people calling Curry there favourite player if its only after the last two years. Theres nothing wrong with it to me.


    Still a weird list. Jason Kidd should be top 3 if that's the case. I don't think Curry has quite done what those guys did in their best years, but that's just me.


    Never said the lists were perfect. But Dirk was way above KG in ratings...and yes its Prime years so technically Curry and Durant do belong in those lists for their primes. Not many players with better numbers. That whole lengthy paragraph of turning it around was totally irrelevant...Sorry you couldnt think of anything to say. Its your opinion though so whatever you think dude, just not most people opinion...(why I stated ESPN, not necessarily as a 100% correct source, but as a large body of opinions that by sheer size outweigh the opinion you have. Either way someone out there probs thinks Kwame Brown is the GOAT. So who cares, Dirk just needs a Diamond card. End of Story.


    I'm going to drop out of the ESPN debate because it's completely pointless, but I'm going to reiterate my initial point that by 2K's rating system there is no realistic total amount of attributes that should land Dirk at a higher overall than KG. You can't dispute that because my entire initial point was that KG was so much more well rounded and not that much worse offensively which almost all stats and metrics agree on. Analysts consider Dirk better because he took over games in scoring explosions, but any of your beloved ESPN analysts and former players would all unanimously agree that KG was much more well rounded in other facets of the game.

    It's the same debate as KD vs LeBron, I respect that you think Dirk is the best PF ever because there's a case for it, I just personally don't think he is and don't appreciate that you are trying to completely discredit KG even having a case and discrediting me. I am entirely done with this so don't expect another response, but good debate you at least sort of know what you're talking about unlike a lot of people.


    As I said above its opinion-based. Not discrediting KG, just think he's had less of a career, more help in terms of teammates and a lack of clutch and playoff performances...You are basing well rounded on defense at the moment...Okay then lets do a point division for different aspects of the game.

    Shooting - Dirk
    Efficiency - Dirk
    Dominance - Dirk
    Clutch - Dirk
    Rebounding - KG
    Post Defense - KG
    Post Offense - Probs a case for both.

    Dirk is underrated as a physical player. He gets more trips to the free throw line than KG because he is also very physical. He drains more FTs of course. Dirks a better team leader and a better playoff performer with a bigger heart and will to Win. Alot of these things cant be seen in statistics. Also Dirk is way above KG in a lot of career totals...But look, you can make a case that KG was better in his Prime than Dirk...just as I can...Honestly who the fuck cares...As I said its opinion based and I really think people should top discussing who is THE BEST. Cuz honestly there isnt...I think we should all agree that there are 5 to 10 great players at every position in the history of the NBA that all deserve consideration and who all have fans that believe them to be the very best. So lets just have Dirk, KG, Timmy, Chuck and Malone as the top 5 PFs...other than that who cares. Malone easily has the best stats, but he had arguably the greatest passer with him, Timmy has lesser stats than most of the others but he has the most titles by far. Dirk has the best shooting and KG is probs the most athletic, while Chuck has the greatest will in being a rebounding leader at 6'6...Theyre all INSANE. SGs have MJ, Kobe, Tmac, Iverson and many more. Theyre also all amazing. Who cares that 20 million people are MJ fans when there are also 20 million Kobe fans. All I want right now is for 2k to stop bringing out shitty players as diamonds and start releasing the goods! (Y)


    Can both of you just admire greatness when you see it please xx


    I agree Curry is still up a little too high, but it isn't as as far flung as some people are making it out to be. Maybe if people read the article before bashing on Curry they would realise...


    Well... YOU forgot the part where he lost in the 1st round every single other year even though he had Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell (Two very solid players) as teammates. Honestly, if you think KG is twice as good as Dirk ever was, idk if I can take your opinion on anything at all. Prime KG should be 93-95, and prime Dirk should be 92-93. KG is a better overall player, but is only much better than Dirk when it comes to his athleticism and defense. Dirk averages pretty close to KG in defensive rebounds per game in his career, KG is better at offensive boards however. Dirk is the best shooting big man of all time, KG isn't even close in that regard. KG even only averages one more assist per game... Not to mention that Dirk carried his team to beat the "Big 3" in a huge upset, while KG won a title while riding on the backs of Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. Here's some food for thought:


    He had 2 solid teammates then an entire roster of guys who could barely average 5ppg. One man can only do so much. Look at the averages of the 2011 Mavs roster then compare it to the 04 Timberwolves. Also if you even actually watched the 2011 Finals they won because Marion, Kidd and Chandler murdered the big 3 defensively while covering Dirk's poor defense. Basketball is played on 2 ends and Dirk was only showing up on one. Don't get me wrong Dirk was a beast but you're crediting him far far too much. don't know why we are even discussing 2011, I am not comparing their careers I am comparing their primes.

    KG is not just better as far as athleticism and defense comparing their primes, he was a far better rebounder, a better ball handler and a better passer. KG was far better than Dirk defensively than Dirk was better than KG offensively. I'm done debating this but I responded because I don't think you understood my point. It really is quite sad though that you think Ray Allen and Paul Pierce carried KG to a ring. KG was the defensive player of the year and 3rd in MVP voting. Idk if you remember what happened to the Celtics defense when he went out with injury but it suffered hard. When he came back it vastly improved again. He's the definition of a defensive anchor. You're not giving him near the credit he deserves


    These are his official rating...??? You didnt know


    The German Jesus


    Dirks one of my favorite players but this card stinks, they really nerfed him and made his defense disgustingly awful. And whats really poo is its 03 but the 04 is a 97 ovr. Smh had to sell him after one game


    So Chris Bosh, Kevin Love, and Amare Stoudamire are all better than DIRK? SMH 2k... The disrespect for German Jesus is real


    this wasn't his best year.....


    He still did very well and deserves better.

    Show 2 replies...

    he didnt do better than an 88 this year, but he deserves a card for his MVP year 92+ overall


    25 points 10 boards 3 assists 1 block 1 steal is pretty good... He should be like 90 this season and 92-93 for MVP season.


    Well a'mare isn't better and neither is love's actual TBT, but ik what ur saying


    They're both 88 OVR and Bosh is an 89. They show up higher than Dirk


    I only wish his defense was a bit better, though, I would still pick him up just for his awesome offense.


    Yo Ima basically just take the orange that is dirk's offense and juice it to a pulp until its just the peel, 99 fadeaway and 90+ mid and 80+ three


    Just waiting for the price to go down


    Am I the only one who thinks his playmaking should be higher?


    Don't know why this one is 1 inch shorter than all of the other Dirk versions.


    this will be my favorite card they come out with


    He's very slow . Not good if you want a fast pace player


    Yes he is, but with shoes still okay. And I love to have him as a trailer firing threes, when the opponent is already in the paint :D


    For some reason he's not automatic with the post fadeaways since he has a 99!!!!! , he will miss like three straight.


    He's automatic, but you have to fall almost asleep on shoot button. VERY late release...


    CashNasty's new best friend.


    I just got him in a pack. Is he any good?


    No hes the worst in the game


    Should be an amethyst. According to advanced statistics he was an above average defender that year but 2K goes and gives him 69 overall defense, go figure.


    It's because of the terrible lateral quickness


    Thats part of it but almost every PF has horrible lateral quickness, including MVP Tim Duncan who is a very good defender. This card doesn't have a single green stat on defense.


    I wish there was an amethyst dirk, even a 90 would make me happy


    lol 03 Dirk was way better than that


    Wasn't a good defender and wasn't that good at rebounding so he's low. Also, you should've posted that comment a while back ago because he was already in the game


    he should be amethyst and they just released his card...

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    In Myteam they did... But he's already in the game before he was released.


    Boom, this card is as good as expected. 20 Gold badges and 11 of the 14 shooting zones are hot zones. Current and Dynamic just have 15 badges and 5 hot zones. I have just played two games and I am not mad about dropping way too much to get him asap. :)


    Is he worth getting over the current one because their stats are comparable


    Not at the moment, it's still just a gold card so I wouldn't pay more than 25k when you are no Hardcore Dirk fan.


    I just want to shout out this card for being top 3 OP gold card I ever played with and I have 1200 cards. Whenever I drop back to restricted seed 5 I easily get back to unrestricted 4th seed because this card carries me every game offensively. I used to get torched by him for 20+ points with his cheesy post fade and three ball whenever I faced him. Now he is on my team and I'm the one torching the competition with post fades and trailer 3's. People on here complaining about his lateral quickness. But rarely do people in RTTP restricted seed put a gold player who can score at the 4 so you don't have to worry about his weak defense. This card is straight dirty! Or should I say cheesy muahaha! (Austin Powers laugh)


    Should I get this card or Amy Kevin Love? Dirk is cheaper.


    Should I get this card or amy K Love? This card is cheaper


    What seed are you in? Get this card badged out. The entire perimeter is red for his hot zone like Mitch Richmond. I have him. This is top 5 most OP gold card in the game. I torch people every game in restricted seed 5 with this card for 17+ points, 5+ rebounds and 1 steal a game. I liked him so much I got his Diamond card for unrestricted seed and run him at center and he blocks Kareem and anyone who comes in the paint lol.




    as long as you're sitting at your crystal ball, could you check next week's lotto #s for me? you have no way of knowing what 2k will do over the next 10 months