'87 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar amethyst card
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'87 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Historic / Lakers Franchise 1

General information

C / PF
7'2" (218cm)
225lbs (102kg)
The Captain
P&R Wing

Hot Zones


'87 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar amethyst card

94 Overall

77 Outside scoring

  • 88 Standing shot mid
  • 84 Moving shot mid
  • 30 Standing shot 3pt
  • 33 Moving shot 3pt
  • 98 Shot IQ
  • 69 Free throw
  • 99 Offensive consistency

96 Inside scoring

  • 97 Standing shot close
  • 96 Moving shot close
  • 98 Standing layup
  • 84 Driving layup
  • 95 Standing dunk
  • 65 Driving dunk
  • 50 Contact dunk
  • 74 Draw foul
  • 98 Post control
  • 99 Post hook
  • 94 Post fadeaway
  • 98 Hands

72 Athleticism

  • 75 Speed
  • 55 Acceleration
  • 60 Vertical
  • 74 Strength
  • 95 Stamina
  • 90 Hustle
  • 84 Overall durability

56 Playmaking

  • 58 Ball control
  • 62 Passing accuracy
  • 46 Passing vision
  • 79 Passing IQ

89 Defending

  • 90 On-ball defense IQ
  • 95 Low post defense IQ
  • 95 Help defense IQ
  • 94 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 42 Lateral quickness
  • 85 Pass perception
  • 88 Reaction time
  • 56 Steal
  • 88 Block
  • 89 Shot contest
  • 95 Defensive consistency

92 Rebounding

  • 84 Offensive rebound
  • 96 Defensive rebound
  • 85 Boxout
  • 3509 Total attr.

Outside Scoring


Can maintain his hot streak throughout timeouts and breaks better than most.


Can knock down contested shots better than most.

Fade Ace

Excels at making fadeaway jumpers.

Inside Scoring

Tear Dropper

Excels at making floaters and runners

Hustle Points

Adept at making shots immediately following offensive rebounds near the basket.

Screen Outlet

Excels as the screener in the pick & roll game.

Bank Is Open

Excels at banking in jumpers.

Post Spin Technician

Dominates the post with his ability to beat his defender spin and drive moves.

Drop Stepper

Known for his ability to us the drop step move to his advantage in the post.

Post Hoperator

Excels at making hop-shots out of the post.

Post Stepback Pro

Shines in his ability to use the post stepback move to score in the post.

Dream-like Up and Under

Known for his ability to use the drop step move to his advantage in the post.

Post Hook Specialist

Known for his ability to make hook shots from the post at a high percentage.


Flashy Passer

Known for throwing accurate flashy passes.

Break Starter

Starts fastbreaks with accurate outlet passes.


Lob City Finisher

Catches and finished alley-oops at a higher rate than others.


Will succeed at dunking on opposing defenders more often than others.


The physical nature of this player drains energy from his match-up.

Brick Wall

Sets extremely effective screens and drains energy on pick collisions.

Transition Finisher

Adept at running the fastbreak and finishing at a high rate.


Post Lockdown Defender

Drops offensive post attributes of direct match up while playing post defence.


More adept at stealing passes than others


Amazing shot blocker who drops interior scoring attributes of opponents while near the rim.



A hustle player who wins loose ball battles.

Offensive Crasher

An elite defensive rebounder known for chasing rebounds out of his area.

Defensive Crasher

An elite offensive rebounder known for his ability to get through and around boxouts.


Beta Dog

Steps his game up when an Alpha Dog teammate is out or is playing poorly.

Road Dog

Elevates his play when playing in road games.

Prime Time

Elevates his play in games of great significance.

Cool and Collected

A player who never goes on cold streaks.


Steps his game up in the 4th quarter and overtime when the game is close

Fierce Competition

Elevates his game when being outplayed or instigated.

Championship DNA

Plays at another level in playoff games. Can also see where double teams are coming from.

Heart and Soul

Rallies team when things are getting out of hand. Helps team stay focused.


A tough player that will play through fatigue and inury without experiencing a sever drop in skill.

Legendary Work Ethic

Works harder than the typical NBA player.


Has no problem expressing his feelings


  • 80 Standing dunk
  • 40 Driving dunk
  • 40 Flashy dunk
  • 15 Alley-oop
  • 52 Putback dunk
  • 8 Crash


  • 80 Standing layup
  • 40 Driving layup
  • 29 Spin layup
  • 25 Hop step layup
  • 25 Euro step layup
  • 25 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 25 Step through shot
  • 68 Shot under basket
  • 19 Shot close
  • 6 Shot close left
  • 2 Shot close middle
  • 0 Shot close right
  • 27 Shot mid
  • 0 Shot 3pt
  • 27 Contested jumper
  • 11 Stepback jumper
  • 51 Spin jumper
  • 50 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 0 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 20 Triple threat pump fake
  • 29 Triple threat jab step
  • 98 Triple threat idle
  • 47 Triple threat shoot
  • 0 Setup with sizeup
  • 9 Setup with hesitation
  • 99 No setup dribble


  • 39 Drive
  • 60 Drive right
  • 0 Driving crossover
  • 0 Driving spin
  • 0 Driving step back
  • 0 Driving half spin
  • 1 Driving double crossover
  • 0 Driving behind the back
  • 0 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 0 Driving in and out
  • 75 No driving dribble move
  • 53 Attack strong on drive


  • 78 Shoot
  • 78 Touches
  • 0 Roll vs. pop

Post game

  • 55 Post up
  • 0 Post shimmy shot
  • 15 Post face up
  • 40 Post back down
  • 40 Post aggressive backdown
  • 50 Shoot from post
  • 50 Post hook left
  • 50 Post hook right
  • 50 Post fade left
  • 50 Post fade right
  • 0 Post up and under
  • 0 Post hop shot
  • 0 Post step back shot
  • 20 Post drive
  • 25 Post spin
  • 50 Post drop step
  • 25 Post hop step


  • 46 Dish to open man
  • 0 Flashy pass
  • 0 Alley oop pass


  • 21 Pass interception
  • 26 Take charge
  • 26 On-ball steal
  • 51 Contest shot
  • 51 Block shot
  • 99 Foul
  • 50 Hard foul

99 Sky Hook?

0, written by Salt


0, written by ChefBoogie

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    Old Kareem gets overated - OFF WITH RONNIES HEAD

    Old Wilt gets overated - STFU YOU MJ DICKRIDER


    Old Kareem isn't Overrated and old Wilt isn't overrated.


    In 2k they are. Both have scoting stats that just don't match up with their ratings.

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    IMO wilt is more overrated. Because when he played in the NBA the opponents werent as good as now or before 10/20 years. All players were shorter and wilt had size differentials with many centers. Or how are u able to get 55 rebs in a game?


    dude, it's not the players fault that he was taller than everyone else. he has not control over stuff like that. if you use logic like that, you could say isiah thomas was only so good because he was faster than everyone else. or mj was only so dominant because he had a wider arsenal of layups. or shaq was dominant because he was stronger than everyone else. and things like that do matter, than doesn't it still allow the player credit to some degree that he was able to recognize the weaknesses in the play style and use them? wilt excelled at this, he was the reason offensive goaltending is a thing today. and idk if you do this, but don't bring up the lack of 3 second violation. a lot of my friends say that wilt did so good because of this, even though it was introduced in 1936, 23 years before wilt played


    that is also before the nba was even a thing


    But yet that Wilt kept up with young, prime Kareem that played at the same time?


    And was the same height as Wilt.


    No disrespect my friend, but is all you ever do just argue over the fact that Wilt is the GOAT? I'm not going to get into it because I don't agree with what you say whatsoever, but is there a chance you can just enjoy 2K? Arguing on a website about Wilt isn't going to change any ratings whatsoever and isn't doing anything for anybody. Please. Just enjoy 2K and stop commenting on every single Centre referring to Wilt. Thank you.


    He was proving a point. The fact that you jump straight to insults proves that you don't have an actual arguement.


    I'm not arguing over the fact that Wilt is the best center ever. I'm arguing over the fact that every single comment he seems to make is about Wilt, when this card has nothing to do with Wilt whatsoever. It's about Kareem.


    Someone said Wilt was more overrated than Kareem. I explained how he wasn`t. I was talking about Kareem and Wilt in a relevant way.


    Umm no. I haven`t made 1500 comments about Wilt. You new here?


    Not at all. I've been here since you were the most hated person on this site along with A-Rod. Most of the stuff you seem to comment is about Wilt and how he's the greatest. You seem to just spam about stats and whatever else on the site so you can prove to everybody that 'Wilt is GOAT'. It's a rarity to see you ever talk about 2K when it's not on one of your lineups. Seriously, grow up.


    So you were there then. Then did you disappear for like 6 months and come back now? I haven`t even really talked about Wilt for months, barley every comment either. For example look at my top 10 comments, none of them are about Wilt (even the one on a Wilt card).


    At least you actually use stats on your comments, unlike ARod who used to just abuse people if they didn't say Wilt is GOAT...


    You mean J_Oak?




    About the height? That`s on the cards


    no about the matchup wilt vs kareem


    Well for one your argument was that Wilt played in a weaker era, when they played at the same time. Plus that 55 rebound game was against Bill Russell so...

    Kareem admitted that he played harder against Wilt than he did against anyone else. Kareem simply explained that if he didn't play extra hard against Chamberlain, "Wilt would have destroyed me" (even at his age)...

    Kareem averaged 31 PPG on Wilt in their match-ups (when he was averaging 35 PPG), howether he shot 46% in those games while Wilt was 65-70% on his attempts. Despite being so much older and coming off of knee surgery Wilt also out rebounded Kareem by 2 RPG. He blocked his sky-hook multiple times and when life magazine built up their match-up as "the match-up of the century" they praised Wilt and said he won the match-up decisively. So there...




    For the quote:

    Half way down:


    For some of the stats and quote:

    They played against each other 27 times, including 11 games in the playoffs of 1971 and 1972.

    Chamberlain's teams won 14 of the 27 games, while Jabbar's teams won 13.

    In their first 11 meetings, Chamberlain was still able to (i.e. inclined to) score with Jabbar. In those first 11 games, Wilt averaged 22.8 ppg and 17.6 rebounds, while Kareem averaged 26.0 ppg and 15.6 rebounds.

    In the 1972 season, Kareem outscored Wilt 201-70 in their five regular season games. In the six 1972 playoff games, Kareem outscored Wilt 202-67, but Wilt out-rebounded Jabbar and played better defense (i.e. shutting down the middle) when it counted.
    Chamberlain himself went on an offensive tear in Game Six (bringing the Lakers back from a 10-point deficit), and led the Lakers to a series clinching victory, ensuring there would be no Game Seven.

    Kareem's main advantage over Wilt during the years they played against each other (1971, 1972, and 1973, Wilt was injured for just about all of Kareem's rookie 1970 season) was age. He was about 11 years younger than Wilt. They faced each other 27 times in those three years, with Wilt's Lakers owning a 14-13 advantage over Kareem's Bucks.

    Kareem did well statistically against Wilt, and admitted that he did in fact play harder against Wilt than he did against anyone else. Kareem simply explained that if he didn't play extra hard against Chamberlain, "Wilt would have destroyed me" (even at his age).




    Look at these highlights and just watch what his defenders are doing


    the most of them dont even jump when hes trying to make a dunk.Theyre just standing there. And there arent even double teams


    All players do that don`t they? They don`t want to be dunked on or commit a foul, even Kareem ducked at 1:26. Apart from that every non-dunk or stoppable dunk was contested. Put up a Shaq career highlight video and it will probably show a load of easy dunks. This was late in Wilt`s career when he wasn`t averaging 40+ PPG, so he wasn`t being double teamed then especially with his passing ability at that point being used so effectively. Your still not recognizing the fact that at the years this video was shot Kareem was barley better than 30+ year old, injured Wilt. Surely all that weak era stuff applies to him too?


    Yea but the thing is Yao Ming had a much greater size advantage and still didn't dominate the game like Wilt. Wilt also wast too much taller than everyone else only a couple inches here and there 3-4 at max.


    By the time Yao came along teams had learned to deal with tall centres. Also the point id about tall ATHLETIC centres. To this day Dwight Howard is the closest we've gotten to someone like Wilt's athleticism but even he was shorter. Wilt was perfectly built for the 60s game. No 3pt line made the game a whole lot narrower and less spaced out, so on defense there was more congestion in the paint. The faster pace suited Chamberlain, a former track and field star. Wilt Chamberlain is easily the most athletic player of all time,should be the only one with 99 strength, but in terms of basketball skills he wasnt.


    yea but yao isnt athletic. Wilt was more athletic than other players and at this time, teams hadnt any different defensive 'styles' like zone defense or something, they just played man to man at this time. they also didnt played double teams or something. And that was Wilts big advantage: size+quickness


    But you were just saying how wild had a size advantage. But that's none of my business *sips tea*


    Precisely, 60`s center Swede Halbrook was 2 inches taller than Wilt and he rode the bench for his career, averaging 5-10 MPG.


    I would love to see anyother center besides wilt who already did it. Drop 60 on Bill Russell. No one could do it.


    All the great early centres came after Russell retired, guys like KAJ, Willis Reed and Wes Unseld.


    Wilt was the most athletic player, or at least center of any era, and he`d be even stronger in the modern era...

    There was no point in playing zones. With no 3 pt line the game was so compact you had to beat multiple players to score against man to man.

    No double teams? Really dude? Tom Heinsohn once said of how Wilt was the most battered player ever, often being triple or quadruple teamed and hard fouled with no call, since the NBA didn`t like Wilt. So no not double teams, even more...


    Thank you. You know your stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


    @tupac Accidentally reported this, mean to click on see more


    Hey, did you get my friend request?


    Haven't been once since we spoke on here, was busy with basketball practice and a girls game last night, I'll accept it when I get home today.


    Kobe would of dropped 200 points on wilt.


    Well probably, but then again Wilt would drop 200 on Kobe. SG vs C? They wouldn`t be able to stop each other!


    wilt wouldn't drop 200 on Kobe I'm sure he had no post moves like Hakeem.


    That wouldn`t even matter, again we are talking about someone 10 inches taller than Kobe. He wouldn`t even need to be good.


    He's not ten inches taller than Kobe and Kobe has better post moves than wilt.


    7`4 vs 6`6? 10 inches. What post moves does Kobe have exactly? A fade? Your`re not getting my point here, obviously Kobe would dominate on the perimeter and obviously Wilt would dominate in the paint, it`s an unfair 1 v 1 comparison


    Ummmm I'm not saying Kobe would beat Wilt (he probably wouldn't) but Wilt was 7 foot 1...


    Different measurements, Shaq is 7'1 but in a picture of him and Wilt Wilt is clearly taller.


    Like this? http://i.imgur.com/Ij7HJtd.jpg




    I'll watch it later. From the comments I don't think those guys agree that Wilt was 7 foot 4 haha


    Spud Webb was 6 foot 6 point 6 confrimed


    So curry isn't overrated! Kareem is better than mj and curry!


    i agree with you on curry, but he being greater than jordan, i don't know.


    This card is so overrated. He put up well below average stats this season yet it's almost as good as his Bucks card.


    Well, so are the '71 and '72 Wilts, he put up 13 PPG average between those two years, yet nobody is complaining about Wilt being overrated. But that's none of my business


    13ppg on 70% shooting and 15 rebounds per game. 70% shooting means he scored it almost every time he took a shot, so obviously his attributes have to reflect that. Don't forget 18 rebounds per game and the dude was slotted in to be a defensive anchor as the defensive attributes reflect. How is he overrated exactly?

    Show 7 replies...

    If it's just off of shooting percentage, explain why Brandon Rush's 3pt rating isn't mid to high 90's. Also not to mention adjusting for pace, 15 rebounds is good, but not amazing. He's not overrated, but his '71 and '72 cards are too high for what he accomplished then, but nobody is complaining about it.


    Because Brandon Rush shoots less than 2 threes a game and plays 17 minutes. Wilt would consistently make at least 5/7 shots per game. It's a big enough sample size over 82 games for you to clearly determine that he scored it almost every time he shot it.

    Curious to know tho, what attributes do you find overrated exactly? I really can't think of one and can in fact see attributes that are too low for what he did.


    Stamina, durability, standing layup, pass perception, rebounding.

    IDK why his pass perception is so high in the first place.

    Stamina and durability should still be high, but 97 and 99? He wasn't in his mid 20's anymore, he was in his mod 30's.

    Standing layup is a bit too high, it still should be good, but 98 standing layup for someone with that amount of points (especially adjusted for pace) is too high.

    Rebounding is way too high, it should be around 90 at best. Elgin Baylor has much worse rebounding that Wilt for practically identical rebounding stats.

    Wilt deserves to be a 86-88 gold for those seasons IMO, and I think with those changes he would be.


    I can get your point about the pass perception.

    He shouldn't have 97 stamina because he was in his mid 30s? He was still playing 43 minutes a game. There are MULTIPLE players in the game with stamina in the 95-99 range who played less minutes than Wilt did those 2 seasons. So if they get to get away with that so does Wilt.

    The guy who literally had the highest FG% average in league history who was an under the basket player is undeserving of one of the highest standing layup ratings? What are you basing your arguments off? A guy who shot 73% should rarely miss. Pace has nothing to do with it, people want their players to play as they were, not hypothetically adjusted for pace. In the context of 2k the pace argument is irrelevant, it's a commemorative card not a simulation.

    There are multiple players in the game with rebounding 90+ who averaged less rebounds than Wilt (yes even adjusted for pace), so the issue isn't that Wilts rebounding is too high it's that Elgin's is too low and that other players' is too high.

    If you want to implement these changes on Wilt then a good majority of the roster both current and historic have to be decreased across the board. I personally feel that Wilt is fine as is, and I as I'm sure @Klayyyyyy could argue for some attributes to be higher.


    Well it isn't JUST off of percentage, which is why I made the Brandon Rush argument. I guess I see your point about stamina, but his rebounding is still too high considering he had seasons where he did almost twice that that will be 2 attributes higher. And, Ronnie and Ld2k said on the livestream before 2k16 came out, the ratings were based off of how good they were compared to the best person, and they chose Rodman for rebounding, so that means the prime Wilt will be essentially the same for doing almost twice as much.


    I agree, but this counts across the board. Almost the entire historic roster has greatly over inflated stats. Magic and Larry are 2 of the best defenders in the entire game yet at no point in their career were they even considered a top defender in the league. Jordan is the gold standard for defense apparently but he wasn't even the best defender on his team. Magic Johnson got the nod for 99 driving layup but not LeBron, Iverson etc. I could go on forever with how 2k botched this supposed "all time great" attribute system. Wilt is by absolutely no means as overrated in this game as you're claiming when so many other cards are so severely overrated. This Kareem is a prime example.


    Old Wilt kept up with young Kareem. God knows what he would have done with this Kareem. If old Wilt gets a 91 then this Kareem should be a gold, and an average one at that


    wilt was 36 and Kareem/Lew was 23 or 24. Wilt outplayed Kareem several times, and wilt his 12 years older than him. The 1972 Kareem is 97, which is understandable, but this card is overrated because Kareem's stats drastically went down, and this was the year that it did, 1986-87. The season before he averaged 23.4 PPG, but during that season it went down to 17.6. So my point is, if old Wilt can outplay Kareem in his prime, then that wilt destroy this card. Wilt should be 94, not Kareem.

    Show 3 replies...

    The Wilt bandwagon is real LMAO nothing supports your argument other than "Wilt outplayed Kareem when Wilt was old" which has absolutely nothing to do with their rating. Wilt averaged like 11 PPG in '72, you think he should be 94 overall? SMH


    The "different era" bandwagon is real. LMAO. He supported his arguments with statistics. Plus you ignored the comments above him.


    Is everything a bandwagon now? lol. Not only did what I say have nothing to do with a "different era" argument, and the "weaker era" argument is total bullshit just used to discredit old greats, but this was MONTHS ago man, 2k17 is out lmao


    I'm surprised 2k didn't copy-paste his stats.


    They did. Compare '71 kareem and this kareem. They have the same inside and outside scoring, almost the same defence.


    theyll upgrade him


    woah an admin talking about a card lol


    dang and hes 39 years old


    He averaged only 17ppg and 7rpg this season and he has almost the same stats as '71 kareem (32ppg, 16rpg). This is the most overrated card in the game.


    he was a bad rebounder that season 6.7 and gets 92 rebounding


    He only played about 30 mins per game, and the rebounding is just because he def has the good ability for rebounding.


    only(!?) 30 minutes?

    Show 4 replies...

    Well I'm referring to the fact that he played 40+ in his earlier seasons.


    but then minutes would be 2/3 rebounds. 92 would be still a bit to high


    Yeah 92 is way too high


    wtf, why is he so god damn fast? he's faster than 92 DRob, really?


    I know right. Robinson should have like an 83 or more speed way way faster in his prime that Dwight


    Is it me or is he doing the same pose a 71 Wilt?




    Ya he does actually lol.

    Show 7 replies...

    lol http://2kmtcentral.com/16/players/compare/4643/2124




    Illuminati confirmed?


    yes old kareem and old wilt is illuminati lol





    kareem=33 3+3 = 6


    look...theyre both lakers too!


    OMG they're both b-ball players. #illuminaticonfirmed


    Kareem or Hakeem ? Who would you go for ?




    Those historic players or DPOY Robinson? He's about 100k cheaper too

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    I was talking about irl


    Has anyone pulled him? What's he selling for on ps4 I need this card!


    Too much, I've seen 80k but currently 90k


    Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8Ned-evvNk



    so fucking funny lmao


    I got a rune for the rune hunt on this card!


    This Card have no weakness, his speed and length Combo is terrible for his opponents.
    He dunks very often (posterizer badge as standard), an can drive easily throug the paint too make layups (84 driving layup!!).

    Waited way too long to get this card, because of his free diamond, but this comes just in 8 weeks


    kareem shot 76% from ft line the year of this card, but he only has a 69 ft????


    Lol I versed the 87' Lakers and he wasnt even there... Mychal Thompson was the starting center, made it too easy.


    Just sniped for 55k YESSSS


    Probably cause there's a better kareem that's free..


    Why isn't his price dropping? I imagined there would be tons on the block after the one from challenges has been released.


    what challenge?


    Okay so when you compare this card to the Diamond Rewards KAJ there is not that much of a difference. I feel like the Diamond Rewards KAJ should stand a bit more out tbh.


    you would think Tim Duncan 40 and still gold, Kareem 39 and amethyst. LOL


    "ready for clearance, clarence"
    "whats our vector, victor?"
    "roger, roger"


    pulled 1 right now on steam.


    what year did this man retire