'86 Larry Bird diamond card
96 Overall
  • 82 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 83 PLY
  • 66 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 74 REB

Bird is the Word!

Written by Kamino_Ken

Diamond MVP Larry Bird is an amazing card that well represents his greatness as an NBA Legend. I will tell you why you should drop 200k MT on this card.

Bought for: 184,000 MT (Currently going for around 200k MT, which is a steal in my opinion).


  • Outside Scoring: The Amethyst version of Larry Bird could drop bombs from three point range, and could really get hot. This card is on another level. If you're looking for a 3 point marksman, look no further. Bird is money from all over the court. He can pull up from 30, spot up, and makes contested shots at a much higher percentage than most. He's just as consistent from mid-range as well. Worth the extra 150k MT for the consistency alone. (8-10 from three point range one game with him)

  • Inside Scoring: Diamond MVP Bird can finish inside really well. He's really good at drawing fouls, and gets very favorable animations as well. He's no LeBron or Jordan in terms of driving and finishing, but he's crafty enough around the rim that you'll be satisfied with him. He also dunks more often than you would think. Bird is also a fantastic post player. His post fade is reliable, he gets defenders to constantly bite on pump fakes, and can usually draw double teams from the post.

  • Passing: True point-forward. One of the best passing forwards in the game right now. Definitely true to his real-life counterpart.

  • Rebounding: Compared to other small forwards, Bird gets it done on the glass, and even holds his own in this department when playing the four (power forward).

  • Offensive Versatility: He's one of the best all-around offensive players in the game. He can score from the perimeter, the post, can score inside, and his play making is very good overall.


  • Athleticism: Most people will shy away from Bird because of his limited athleticism. I don't think 2k did him justice with a 64 speed rating (he was a better athlete than people give him credit for), but, nonetheless, he's pretty slow overall for a wing player. Often slow up the court, can struggle to beat his man off the dribble, etc.

  • Off-ball defense/Inconsistent defense: Although he has very high defensive ratings across the board, because of his 64 speed rating, Bird usually gets beat by cutters and players coming off screens, and isn't quite fast enough to recover, so he could be seen as a liability.

Recommended Strategy:

  • Feed Him the Ball Early and Often: The sooner you do, the sooner he will get hot and be impossible to stop. Look for Bird to trail up the court and spot up for three. Don't be afraid to post up if you have a match-up advantage (poor post defender and/or smaller player).

  • Play Him at Power Forward. Although he thrives for me at small forward and isn't a complete defensive liability, Bird will likely be even more valuable to you as a stretch four. Most power forwards have a tough time defending on the perimeter, which gives Bird the edge. Also, his lack of elite athleticism won't hurt him early as much. He'll actually have the advantage more often than not.

  • Go-to Scorer off the Bench: If you have players you trust defensively a little more, or you're just looking for a lethal scorer, Bird is a great candidate to lead your second unit.

Side Note: "Thanks to his 85 lateral quickness and 75 steal rating, Bird is actually a really solid on-ball defender.

Use if: "You're looking for a lethal three point shooter, a player who can score from anywhere on the floor consistently, a point forward, and/or a stretch four."

Don't use if: "You are looking for a super athletic forward or lockdown defender."

Bottom Line: "For 200k MT, this is probably the best Diamond card you can get, and he's is so fun to use which is the most important thing. If you have or had the Amethyst version of Bird, upgrade to this version ASAP."

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    Thanks for the great in depth review. I just had a question about his ability to defend at the 4 against a twin towers type of lineup. It doesn't seem like he has the height or strength stats to really hold his own as well as other stretch 4s maybe like a Draymond Green, but what was your impression of his post defense from actual gameplay?


    I have been interested in this card for a bit, the only thing I worry about is his athleticism. I decided to mess around with him on the historic team, I found his post fade great, but getting open shots with him was a bit of a struggle. Picks didn't seem to do much because he was a little slow getting around, and he isn't quick enough to blow by anybody. Maybe it was because it puts him at the SF position. I just would like to know if you think if he is more suited for the PF, or can he work well at the SF, if you use him right?


    I recommend most players to use him at PF because he'll have some struggles against athletic wing players in terms of guarding them and driving by them. However, he thrives for me at SF since I have many scoring options such as MVP Rose, Durant, Curry, Amethyst Kareem, etc. Depends on the amount of scoring threats you have around him IMO.


    Ok, I can see that, thanks for the help.


    Great review pretty much summed everything I would have said about this card


    Thank you! New to the site, but plan on posting more in depth player reviews soon!


    Just bought him for 148k on the xbox one. He is solid.


    I have the amethyst bird this just makes me want the MVP bird