'04 Ben Wallace gold card
87 Overall
  • 66 INS
  • 55 OUT
  • 45 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 86 REB

Defense Monster

Written by GoNzAlOF6

If you know who Ben Wallace is, you won't have any problem using him at all. My "secret" and my advice to you is to put him at PF. His height and speed allows you to. Once in PF, you can put him to guard the best big man on the other team. He will rebound, play help defense and probably shut down his match-up. On offense just try not to give him the ball unless it's necessary. If you have a good Center who draws defense attention, you will find Ben Wallace open lots of times under the basket finishing with nice dunks.

Bought for: 20,000 MT


-On Ball Defense: He can and will guard everyone and everything.

  • Blocks: Gets and incredible amount of blocks playing help defense. He will save you a lot of times.

-Rebounding: Don't let his height lie to you. He rebounds better than 7ft centers.

-Standing Dunk: If open under the basket don't be afraid to feed him.


  • Free Throw: I put this one on top because he struggles a lot on the free throw line and sometimes can be frustrating, you just gotta be patient.

  • Shot: He has absolutely no shot, simple as that.

Recommended Strategy: Put him at PF and let him do the job on defense. On the ofensive side just let your C draw defense attention and feed him when cutting or open close to the rim.

Use if: Want one of the best defensive big mans in the game.

Don't use if: Want an offensive-minded Center/Power Forward.

Bottom Line: To me, worth every single penny.

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    Wallace against most Centers on D gets dominated it seems because of his height. Also has trouble for me rebounding againsty centers. Agree play him at PF and he will guard anyone from AD to Lebron/Melo/KD when people try and play small ball.


    Does he bully people in the post on offense (because of his strength)?


    Depends the matchup. He can bully a Marc Gasol but he can't bully Demarcus Cousins or Shaq.