'16 Kobe Bryant diamond card
99 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 72 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 64 REB

Legends Live Forever

Written by kozmogames

Played With Multiple Times In Gauntlet.

Thank You, Kobe Bryant, for everything you have brought to the lives of us NBA fans and us people in the world. You Showed True Heart, Passion, and Determination. #MambaOut Now, here is my review of Diamond Kobe Bryant; this card is very slow but has an amazing shot. This card can shoot from anywhere, but he cannot finish well at the hoop against bigger opponents. I recommend hop stepping in the paint. Of course, Kobe can make post fadeaway shots around the floor but not to far from the rim.He can even hook smaller opponents. I recommend using this Kobe as an offensive beast, he gets beat easily and will get destroyed online, I recommend getting an SF to play PF and have Kobe matchup with the PF or SF depending on their speed. If your opponent has fast players, you're screwed LOL. This card can outscore your opponents though, I like the 98 one better because of his speed and dunk but its up to you guys! Make your choice!

Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MNy9emXapQ

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