'11 Derrick Rose amethyst card
95 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 46 REB

Best Budget PG

Written by conman_15

If you want a PG who can attack the basket and finish strong above the rim, D Rose is perfect for you. He has a good driving dunk, so he doesn't get blocked on weak layups like other PG's. He is a cheap version of Dynamic Russell Westbrook basically, except Rose can knock down 3's better if he is left open.

Bought for: 35,000 MT (Prices are cheaper now)


  • Attacking the rim (6'5, 96 Driving Layup, 85 Driving Dunk)
  • Athleticism (98 Speed and Acceleration, 94 Vertical, 98 Stamina and Hustle)
  • Mid Range (92 Standing 95 Moving)
  • Playmaking (95 Ball Control, 96 Passing Accuracy, 91 Passing Vision, 98 Passing IQ)


  • Not an amazing 3 Point Shooter (78 Standing and Moving)
  • Defense is just okay, lacks important badges like perimeter lockdown defender (81 On-ball, 83 P&R, 88 Help)

Recommended Strategy: Use speed to beat opponents up the floor and catch them off guard, screen and rolls, isolation, do not shoot contested 3's

Use if: You need an athletic point guard that can attack the rim and facilitate.

Don't use if: You need a point guard who can consistently knock down contested 3's.

Bottom Line: Amazing value for price, better than some of the diamond PG's that go for way more MT.

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