'16 Kawhi Leonard diamond card
96 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 84 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 66 REB

The Claw

Written by mrsplashman229

Bought for: Packed in a Playoff Pack


  • Inside scoring: Kawhi has a 95 driving layup which is great. He finishes most of the time and will dunk on smaller opponent with a gold posterizer badge.

  • Post Game: Kawhi has a decent post control at a 79 but his fade away is very nice. When a smaller defender is guarding him turn around for the post fade, which easily gets excellent releases.

  • Outside Scoring: Kawhi has very balanced outside shooting stats that get the job done. He was a very nice release to time but may be slow for some. He has cold zones at some parts of the three point arch, but if you green light it will not matter.

  • Defense: This is a given. This card was given for Kawhi Leonard's second dpoy award in a row. He can lock up positions 1-5, but may struggle against larger and more powerful centers. He has great lateral quickness and a great steal rating. His defense makes his offense much better as it leads to wide open dunks.

  • Microwave: When playing with this card I have noticed that it tends to get the hot rings very quickly after making a few consecutive buckets. (Gold Microwave). When Kawhi has even one red ring he is unstoppable on offense. Every game I have played with him he has heated up.


  • Rebounding: This depends on the play style of the user. Kawhi gets around 4-5 boards a game. His stats are not very high which may allow him to cough up some boards, but the gold scrapper badge helps him track down the longer rebounds. He has a good boxout rating but he is not going to be rebounding over centers. He may have a better time rebounding against power forwards though.

  • Playmaking: Although Kawhi has solid speed for a small forward he ball control may make him feel a bit clunky in the half court setting. Do not try to throw long passes with him as they may sail out of bounds. This may be the worst part about this card. He also does not have any signature size ups.

Recommended Strategy: Let the offense come to Kawhi. Set screens for him to give him open shots, drive to the hole when there is a lane, and lock up on defense. I have also noticed the pick and pop game with Kawhi is great. His speed allows him to get better positions over slower forwards. Also, post up smaller defenders for the easy fade.

Other Comments: My first diamond and I think this card has a very well rounded offensive game and an excellent defensive game.

Use if: You have the mt and want someone on your team to stop the other teams best player. Also use if you spread your offense and do not try to flow through one player.

Don't use if: You need a sharpshooter or a point forward such as Lebron James.

Bottom Line: It is hard to complain when this card is on your team. Always want him on the floor especially in crunch time to get that crucial stop. He also does the little things that you may not pay attention to such as hustling.

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