'16 Paul Millsap diamond card
96 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 66 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 94 REB

No Lose( Millsap Review)

Written by chefcurry1

Bought for: 10,000 MT


  1. Inside game. It is sublime. You can post up, dunk, draw the foul, you can do almost anything you want inside with this man.
  2. Standing 3's. He is useful as a pick and pop guy, just don't try to take anything moving.
  3. Defense. He isn't like 93 Biyombo, but he can swat some, gets at least 1-2 per game.
  4. Rebounding. He grabs at least 10, but with a 94 rating, what do you expect?
  5. Stamina. He can the whole game without experiencing a drop in ability. It is amazing.
  6. Strength. He never gets bullied inside.
  7. His speed rating is bad, but if you put shoes on him, he is fine.


  1. His size is his only weakness. Against taller PF's he sometimes looks puny(But never plays that way) That is his only fault.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, post moves, etc"

Use if: You want to win.

Don't use if: You are size-obssessed or you want to lose.

Bottom Line: The best or at least in the top ten of cards.

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