'85 Isiah Thomas amethyst card
95 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 53 REB

Isiah Thomas In-Depth Review

Written by Vlade

Okay so, this is my very first in-depth review with a player which means I will explain every strengths/weaknesses points of him more specifically for you to understand whether you buy this guy or not. I hope you appreciate this review!

I played him in RTTP and Gauntlet so most probably i could share you what's my experience with him.

Bought for: 44,000 MT


  • Outside Scoring: Isiah Thomas can shoot mid-range jumpers whether open or contested.
  • Inside Scoring: This guy is hell of a beast in the paint, his layup animations were fantastic and no one can even block it. He can barely dunk too, but not those 360s, tomahawks, just simple dunks (lol).
  • Playmaking: One of the greatest playmakers in the game, not gonna lie but in real life too. Can take care of the ball very well, pick & roll maestro, can do any type of passes (especially with lob passes).
  • Athleticism: - Fast as f***, very reliable in the game, he never gets tired very quickly, I must say you should play him atleast 30-35 mins. per game.
  • Defending: Another great defensive point guard besides Gary Payton, he could guard any PGs that are quite fast in the game as he is fast too (ex. John Wall, Westbrook, CP3, etc.)


  • Outside Scoring: He doesn't have the ability to shoot 3-pointers consistently. I tried hitting 4 straight 3's with him but 2 of 'em got in. So I will prefer to use him as a mid-range shooter rather than hitting those 3's like Curry, Nash, etc.
  • Rebounding: He's way too small to grab rebounds, this is his major weakness. His vertical is subpar too.
  • Strength: Thomas is not very strong than you actually think, sometimes he's committing offensive fouls or blocking fouls.

Recommended Strategy: Let him hold the ball across the court, most of the time make a pick & roll with a dominant center who can finish nicely. (I'd suggest Cousins/Abdul-Jabbar/Shaq). Also you can let him wear shoes that can boost 3 point shooting (UA Curry's are the best option)

Other Comments: This guy is hell of a beast as a point guard, i had no idea why he's just 95. He deserves way more than 95!! Atleast 96 or 97. He carried Detroit in the playoffs along with Dumars and other badboys! He was even snubbed at Dream Team (because Jordan wouldn't play if Isiah was with them) but it's past i had nothing to do with it. I'd compare him with MVP Rose or Westbrook with their Athleticism, Inside Scoring, and Playmaking since they're very great with those.

Use if: You love pick & roll offense, an all-around point guard, who can defend, pass, and score.

Don't use if: You want a point guard who prefers to shoot 3's.

Bottom Line: Once you pulled/bought him, never ever take him for granted or sell it in auctions. This card will never ever disappoint you.

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