'60 Wilt Chamberlain diamond card
97 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 62 OUT
  • 67 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 90 DEF
  • 98 REB


Written by kennyslota

I was inspired. I never really had an OP dominant diamond center, I stuck with MVP Bill Walton (who's also very good) because I'd rather spend 250k+ MT on a versatile player I can run the floor with. What inspired me to get this Wilt, was the cheesy amethyst Playoffs Edition Bismack Biyombo, who my friend starts and gets him too many boards per game and blocks and dunks. Pissed me off hearing him brag so I had to put a stop to it, and sure enough, this Wilt did the trick.

My review is based off of online gameplay.

Bought for: 270,000 MT (fully badged, +6 post hook shoe)


  • Post moves: In his early years, Wilt worked the post. This translates in-game. Post fade (92) is money from the short corner, free throw line, or in the paint. He can hit them and don't hesitate to pop them, his height and wingspan and release make it money. Post hook is great too (91), it doesn't go in as much as I expected against Bismach but it does the trick. He also double/triple teams Wilt so it's just good D. Post spin is cheesy because of his speed and animations, which I'll talk about later. 98 strength, 7'1", 92 post control, and 275 lbs? you can back literally anyone down (besides shaq) and yam on 'em.

  • 1-10 ft. from basket scoring: I know this is an odd strength, but I'll explain more broadly later. If you're under the basket to 10 feet away from the rim with Wilt, he will dump the ball in the bucket with ease. His standing layup (96 stand/82 vert) can't be stopped by smaller centers as he can literally put his arm above the bucket and put it in. He can finish through heavy contact down low, I can't emphasize it enough. If you're below the free throw line, he will finish with his driving layup (78) which is way above average for a center. But what separates him from other centers from 0-10 feet out, his dunk packages combined with size, strength, weight, vert, and badges. His standing dunk (95) animations can start from like 10 feet out as he is super long and has very long legs, he can literally, just standing with no dribble, jump from deep in the key to the basket and finish with a slam. It's cheese. His driving dunk (75) only just complements this and his contact dunk (65) makes it all the more cheesy and unique from other centers.

  • On-ball D: Wilt can hold anyone and fill in the whole entire key because he's so big. It's hard for others to get shots off over him.

  • Off-ball D: Wilt has great defense away from the ball. He's also got that intimidation factor, so players won't go to the whole against him as much or get it to their center. But if they try driving, Wilt has great help side D and can guard out on a switch if necessary on a screen. If they try driving, get stopped, and dump it to their center, good luck. 85 pass perception with 97 reaction time, the ball is already stolen before he passes it.

  • Block/shot contest: Wilt's speed, size, block (94), and reaction time (97) along with his badges allow him to get blocks easy. For me, he gets really crazy blocks. He'll literally pin it off the backboard or swat it to the other side of the court. If he doesn't get the block, the shot will be altered or missed because of his 95 shot contest.

  • Playmaking: Wilt, despite his low ball control (44), has exceptional passing. He can hit the open man and he can start the break.

  • Athleticism: I'm pretty sure I emphasized enough, but if I didn't, it's really good. He's very fast, strong, can jump, can play long minutes, and can hustle for the loose ball.

  • Free throw: First time you shoot a free throw with him, you'll be like "wtf?" and this is also on many people's weaknesses, but for me, despite a 58 free throw, I will miss one a game. His release is so slow and easy to me I can just hit it and he gets to the line A LOT too, more than anyone I've ever used. Those points are pocket change for him.

  • Rebounding: You can't go wrong with 97 offensive, 98 defensive, 98 boxout complete with his size and speed and badges. He can rebound over most and is very productive in the rebounding department.

  • Animations: He's got amazing dunk animations where he keeps the ball in the air and fully extends, you can't get blocked like that especially on Wilt. Plus, there's no prior setup (like how players will slow down on their way to the basket or stutter step), but he just goes right up and it's quick. That's why his post spins are so productive because once he gets passed the defender, there's no stopping him.


  • Rebounding: Yes, I put rebounding on weaknesses FOR ME too. Despite his amazing stats, he's got a low crash tendency (4). That's a huge downside for me, a man who should get 16 boards a game with me will get 6-10 because my guards will crash from outside and pull it in. It's not a crazy downside as he's still productive, but user his rebounds and you'll be cool.

  • Jumpshots: Yeah yeah he's got a 74 standing mid and his shot close stats are in the 90's, but his release is so awkward and low, it will either get blocked or you'll miss because of how weird it is.

  • 3 pointers: Don't even try

Recommended Strategy: Post up high, post up low, post spin cheese, post fade hit, post hook accuracy, post iso, get it down low plz

Other Comments: Though his speed and acceleration are way above average (76 speed/72 acc), it doesn't really wow me. He's quicker, don't get me wrong, but when people talk about his speed they make it seem amazing but it just doesn't jump out at me.

Use if: You want an athletic center who can nearly do it all, you base your team off defense or athleticism, if you want to win

Don't use if: You're looking for a center who can pop it from anywhere or likes to lose

Bottom Line: "Great value for money, nice player to use while building up your team."

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    R.I.P he desrved a 99 overall card for his 100 point game im still salty 2k didnt add that




    Oh yeah that would've been the most OP card in the game. They should've done that, Larry Bird 60 point game, David Robinson quadruple double, Bill Russell 30 pts 40 rebs, Flu Game MJ, David Thompson 73 points, Scott Skiles 22 pts 30 assists, AI 48 point game, Stockton 23 pts 24 assists 5 steal game, Latrell Sprewell 38 pts 9-9 from 3, & Magic Johnson's start at center game in my opinion


    hell yeah 2k was really slacking with alot of these cards