'87 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar amethyst card
94 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 77 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 72 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 92 REB

Amazing, but a few flaws

Written by shaver

Bought for: 310,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great at post moves in paint
  • Standing Shot Midrange (88) - When he is open, it is cash
  • Post Hook (99) - not as automatic as I though, but is still a major advantage


  • Rebounding: Gives away too many rebounds
  • Post Fadeaway - Does not create enough space! It can be easily blocked.

Recommended Strategy: Pick and Pop, catch and go directly into post, mid range pull-up, and abuse post moves.

Use if: You want a beast down low and need a reliable center

Don't use if: you need automatic rebounding

Bottom Line: I love him because of his skills and his weaknesses can be fixed with shoes!

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