Ricky Ledo bronze card
65 Overall
  • 59 INS
  • 73 OUT
  • 60 PLY
  • 76 ATH
  • 47 DEF
  • 50 REB


Written by DEFCON5

Bought for: 6,000,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Only player I've ever seen posterize Diamond Hakeem
  • Defense: Only player that can lock down Diamond Curry and Diamond Jordan
  • 3pt Shot: Has yet to miss a shot from however deep since I copped him
  • Mid Range: Absolute cheese from mid-range, like Jordan 2.0
  • Playmaking: Magic and Pistol Pete are like Shaq in comparison
  • Rebounding: Able to box out anyone and jump over anything to grab a board
  • Coaching: Will take over your huddles in game to lead the team
  • Being God-like: Other players fall over from shock in his presence
  • Presence: Won every game of RTTP because he was my starter


  • Too Good: Makes every other card in the game worthless
  • Not expensive enough: Wanted to drop at least 8 mil., most expensive was 6 mil.

Recommended Strategy: Anything

Use if: You want the best player in the game

Don't use if: You don't want the best player in the game

Bottom Line: "So hot you'd have thought Pac came back to drop it, even soccer moms going to Walmart to cop it."

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