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    Thank you for everything 2KMTCentral,

    Although I've been through more than u can imagine on this site, I will cherish all of those lil' convos that I had with certain people, cause those were honestly the most valuable memories I had on here. Like even tho I'm well-known by everyone (for both good & bad reasons), I'm sure that those who know me really well just see me as another random stranger on the internet & I appreciate those people more than anything...

    I'm leaving as the most hated 2KMTCentral User of All-Time in the site's history. Hands down. I take 100% full responsibility for all my decisions, choices & actions. In all honesty, I'm not going to tag anyone to cap off this journey, partly cause I've never had any real friends on this site. Sure, there have been some great people that I've talked with & have thoroughly enjoyed their company as a human being. But as for that one User who has been there since Day 1 & stuck right by my side through the thick & thin; I honestly can't say for certain that there's an inevitable answer & it's actually quite unfortunate that I don't have a stand-out favourite user during my time on this site.

    I'm letting go of all this site had to offer me, but more so than anything... I've learnt a lot bout myself & the people that I truly connect with. It's been a valuable learning experience for an immature 16yr old ABC who just loves the game of basketball. My ultimate dream has always been to make it to the Nba as a starting PG & I truly believe that I've got what it takes to get to that elite level. Nothing's gonna stop me from giving everything to the game that I love from here on out cause I will inevitably succeed & make it into the league some day... I promise.

    Before my departure, I want to give a few thank yous to some special people who've helped me personally & the site as a whole along the way, they are the people that made me smile, laugh & enjoy life. I cannot thank them enough for what they themselves have sacrificed & done for me.

    @KJSSticky15 my brother from another mother, the most genuinely kind soul that I've met on here. Has been there for me since Day 1. Extremely underrated User in my eyes, an outstanding friend & I'm both thankful & proud to have met him on this journey & seeing his growth as a friend. I wish u nothing but the best in life & I really wanna see u blow up on this site man, I honestly do cause u deserve all the love & kindness that comes ur way without a doubt. I'm ur #1 fan & always will be although u may have never known. Thank you so much KJ, you mean the world to me fam. You have made me discover a lot bout myself & I'm honoured to have u as a friend

    @thegumpinator15 we've always kind of had this love-hate relationship, but that's what I've enjoyed the most when we chat bout life & complete randomness (don't even ask me what our DMs are lol.) but in a way you've made me realise how important it is to count ur blessings in life, Forrest Devine... I wish u nothing but love & the best of luck with life in whatever u decide to pursue in the future. Who knows, I could be listening to ur latest platinum album in 10yrs time my man. Never let anyone hold u back, trash on u cause of ur position & what u were born into. You are a special kid with a bright future ahead Forrest. Never forget ur roots & family, stay safe for me bro

    And lastly...
    @AlphaWKM thank you for being a real one. You have taught me bout life in general more than u could ever imagine just for this past month since you've really opened up to me, I kind of think of u as my big brother sometimes even tho ur like what twenty something years old & still "xD" occasionally for who knows what in all honesty. But I just want to tell u one thing... never change Luke. My biggest regret is not being able to talk to u when I first arrived on 2KMTCentral & man... look how far u have gone during that time. I can honestly say that ur the nicest & fairest person I've met. I just wish that I messaged & reached out to u before everything changed... Because who knows how much closer we could've been. But I thank you for being a great friend & someone who is nice, fair, real & genuine so I appreciate everything Luke. You have done a lot for me without even knowing, just our small chats & stuff have really opened my eyes up to this world & I appreciate u

    There are many other people that I look up to & inspire me & I'm sure all of u know who u are. S/o to all the Aussies on here also btw, for keeping me entertained during all those boring ass nights when the site was like a graveyard. And to those who work tirelessly in running basketball competitions & making the site lit, keep doing what u do (especially during this gap between 2k17-18) cause the site needs y'all the most right now

    tupac... none of us would be here without u, thank u for blessing me with 2KMTCentral. This has by far been the most active community I've ever been a part of & genuinely engaged in. Keep building up this website & I wish all of its' Users nothing but an absolutely amazing experience with what's to come in the future & beyond. As u have said "This is only the beginning." I want u to enjoy ur well-deserved vacation to god knows where & I wish u nothing but the best in ur future life endeavors. Thank u blessing me with a second chance at life when many told me I had none, thank u for helping me realise that there's way more to life than 2KMTCentral

    With that being said, goodbye. Thanks for the laughs, the memes, the feuds, the wars, the fights, the shadow & the also the light. I'm blessed to have met u all. And for one last time..........
    做伟大的事情, 再见 2KMTCENTRAL.COM





    你也是一个很好的朋友, 谢谢你为我做的一切. 我保证一天 Derrick Rose 将会回来. 祝你未来最好的运气!


    If only I could write essays this easily nowadays :((


    you used "cherish" in both of these smh


    You know what else I wanna cherish???




    Ok that's it back to work me me lata




    希望你能长大一天... 不会想念你


    Well, thanks for being a great pal to me. Thanks for granting me draft luck that lasted for 2 hours, thanks for teaching me how to cut using PPT despite now that I know how to use gimp, thanks for helping me out as a fellow user. I get that you did those vote manipulating shit in the past but I don't give a shit, not because everyone hates you I should ride their dicks and ignore the fact that you're such a great friend to me. Goodbye for now, I know you coming back so I didn't put a long ass para-- nevermind, I just did one. Thanks for everything, brotha.


    You've grown a lot Bryce, I remember the 1st card that you ever created. And now looking at how far you've progressed has really made me proud, you're only going to get even better from here on out in all honesty. Keep doing what you love my man, good luck in life my brotha. You've been an awesome guy and I'm glad that I met you fam


    Good luck and thanks for helping me learn how to position my cards


    You need to go outside and make some friends.


    just watch he will come back on the site two weeks later like he always does. this is his 8th goodbye lineup


    Aye you were right


    I worship to you