• 65,450
  • 36,950
83 Overall
  • 75 INS
  • 72 OUT
  • 71 PLY
  • 78 ATH
  • 77 DEF
  • 79 REB

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    J J Reddick- After struggling in the beginning of his career, Redick has become exactly what the league looks for in a perimeter role player. The former Duke star hits threes at a consistent clip and he’s an underrated defender. With the Clippers’ lack of depth, Redick is extremely important to his squad’s success.

    Kelly Oubre Jr.- The Ringer’s Bill Simmons recently said on his podcast that Oubre is “his favorite bench guy” in the league. Although there are more valuable reserves, the second-year baller has shown flashes of being a rock-solid player in the league for years to come, when he's not fighting Kelly Olinyk that is.

    Dwight Howard- It’s true: Howard will never be the MVP candidate he once was. But the athletic big man can still play a huge role on a playoff team. That’s what he did for the Hawks in 2016. Howard flew under the radar, averaging a double-double in his first year in Atlanta.

    Yogi Ferrell- The Mavericks struck gold by finding Ferrell on the free-agent market in 2016. The undrafted rookie started with the Nets before signing a 10-day contract with Dallas. The former Indiana star quickly became the Mavs’ starting point guard. Now, he’s looking like an important piece for their future.

    Steven Adams- Adams will never be a center who averages 20 points and 10 rebounds per game, sure, but the Thunder big man is consistently one of the best defenders in the league. The former lottery pick hasn’t reached his prime yet and he’s still one of the league’s premier frontcourt players.

    Patrick Beverley- Adams will never be a center who averages 20 points and 10 rebounds per game, sure, but the Thunder big man is consistently one of the best defenders in the league. The former lottery pick hasn’t reached his prime yet and he’s still one of the league’s premier frontcourt players.

    Joakim Noah- In between injuries and suspensions, Noah showed that he could be a valuable asset to the Knicks. While he'll never get back to the skill he had in Chicago, if he's healthy, he could provide some decent stats to a club the desperately needs some.

    Nikola Mirotic- After the Bulls shipped off Taj Gibson to the Thunder, Mirotic continued to improve as the year kept chugging along. The former first-round pick has given Chicago some much-needed floor spacing with his improved shooting.

    Avery Bradley- While Isaiah Thomas emerged as a legitimate MVP candidate in 2016, his defense is, ahem, less than stellar. The Celtics backcourt has multiple under-the-radar players, but Bradley is the most important. He plays phenomenal on-ball defense and he’s becoming a better scorer.

    Danny Green- Other than Kawhi Leonard, it’s hard to pinpoint the Spurs’ second-most important player. With Tony Parker and LaMarcus Aldridge disappointing, their next best baller might just be Green. The former Tar Heel is a good-but-not-great three-point shooter. It’s his defense that makes him underrated.

    Larry Nance Jr.- After tanking for the last few years, the Lakers have drafted a handful of young, talented ballers. Their lottery picks are in the Los Angeles limelight, but it’s a late first-round pick who is the most underrated. Nance Jr. is a high-flying dunker who is arguably one of the better defenders on the squad.

    Tristan Thompson- On a team that employs LeBron James, there’s an argument for every player on the Cavs' roster to be underrated. But there can be only one. Thompson is a tenacious rebounder and finisher at the rim. Without him, Cleveland wouldn’t have won the NBA Championship in 2016.


    not Chris Paul from the Clippers?


    He was, and still is, the star player on the Clippers. Even though his game has slowly decreased, he still gets the respect the deserves. Aging, yes. Under rated, no.


    Ricky Rubio- I wouldn't call him underrated. Rubio hasn't really progressed since his rookie year. He has always been a pass first point that really can't shoot. I don't see him getting any better on any aspect of his game but will get you 10/10, which I respect.

    Green- Danny is a great role player for the spurs. Plays great D and can hit an open 3. I do think he is past his best and think he is more of a second unit player for the spurs but is more than capable of knocking down crucial shots and is an great FT shooter. The downside of DG is the plays have to work through him. He can't really create his own shot and is not much of a passer. If he is cold, he is a non factor.

    Kelly Oubre Jr- Fast growing 2 guard in the NBA. Next season will be the year he will decide who he is going to be even though he was more productive in his rookie year with less minutes.

    Nikola- Don't think much of him. Guns too many 3's for a guy that plays half the game. Needs to improve drastically on the defensive end with more weight to frame.

    Steven Adams- I don't see Adams as a premier frontcourt player. Adams benefits a lot by Westbrooks capability to get into the paint and draw attention. Although, Adams is a great offensive rebounder, his mid range shot has gotten worse from last year. Adams is a great screen and roll athlete with brute that reads pick and roll screens well.

    Pat Beverly- Should be 1st or 2nd team all D. Great enforcer on defensive end and a very capable 3 point catch and shoot option in the rockets offense as well as an aggressive rebounder. Nothing more.

    TT- The overpayed man.Great rebounder. Nothing much more. Undersized rim protector without a mid game. Not that great back to basket or face up game either. Bad FT shooter.

    Avery Bradley- one of my favorite players to watch. Another 1st or 2nd all D team. Top 3 best on ball defenders in the league. Has one more year on his contract. Is he worth max at age 28? Would trade IT, resign Bradley and draft a point in the draft and throw money at AB. Grown into a solid 3 and D option as an undersized 2.

    JJ- The question mark free agent for LA? At 32, he isn't worth more than 12 million for an average defender. Catch and shoot galore. Other options that are younger are available in FA.

    Dwight- The stretch 4 and 5 killed Dwights dominance. Dwight is a lesser version of Deandre Jordan in every aspect besides post game. I don't expect nothing more or less from Dwight. Should still be a 13/13 player for rest of his Atlanta days.

    Yogi- undersized guard that needs offseason defensive training. Going to be 24 next year, 2 year window or bench player.


    ricky rubio nearly averages a triple dub each season xD


    Let's hope he can break out next season


    Rubio has never even averaged a double double in a season and the closest he has been to a triple dub season is when he averaged 5.7 rebounds. That is a long way to go from a trip dub


    10 9 and 5 is pretty hefty for a PG