James Harden amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 88 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 90 PLY
  • 87 ATH
  • 74 DEF
  • 84 REB


Written by Ryansitko6

No joke this might be the best obtainable card in the game to this point. Better than any collection reward or pullable card. Pink Diamond Kobe, Wilt, and Barkley are probably better, but since you can't get them yet this Harden is the best card you can get.

Bought for: 250,000 MT (and definitely worth it)


Shooting: One of the best shooters in the game with all 92+ outside scoring attributes. Easy greens from all over the court

Inside Scoring: 98 driving layup and 85 driving dunk. Harden will finish over the best defenders in the game. Also has the best animations around the rim to not get blocked. Has a deadly eurostep move to get around defenders too. Not to mention a 98 draw foul to top it off.

Playmaking: Harden has the best passing of any card I've used. The stats are all great but he really plays above his ratings when it comes to passing. This allows you to play him at point guard if you desire. Not really sure why PG isn't his primary position since he's been playing it all year and his other moments cards are listed as point guards.

Rebounding: Best rebounding attributes of any guard in the game and it definitely shows. He can grab boards amongst the trees at times although you shouldn't rely on him as a rebounder.

Intangibles: They gave him a 40 intangibles but I'm pretty sure that has no effect on how the card plays. What I mean by intangibles is stuff like dribble moves and shot form that can't be quantified by a rating. He's so quick off the dribble it's almost not fair. His shot is easy to get down so you'll get a lot of green releases. His animations around the rim are amazing.


Honestly the only weakness this card has is defense, and it's not even that bad for James Harden. 70 on ball defense and 75 lateral quickness is close to average for a guard. Put a rim protector at center and you'll definitely be fine with him at either guard position.

Recommended Strategy: I personally use him at point guard because of his amazing playmaking ability but he would work just as well at shooting guard. Either way, I would recommend putting the ball in his hands as much as possible. I usually work off isos and pick and rolls/pops. In real life he plays point guard surrounded with shooters and an athletic finisher at center so I try to go for the same look.

Use if: You can afford him and want the best scorer in the game and someone who can run your offense.

Don't use if: You can't afford him or are going with an all defense team

Bottom Line: I sold nearly my entire team so I could pick up this card and it has been well worth it. In 5 games he's averaging about 20 points, 5 assists, and 3 rebounds, going 4-1 in that stretch with a game winner in one game. I'm pretty sure either him or Vince is the most expensive card in the game and I'd go with Harden. Harden can do more offensively and do a decent job defensively. Vince lacks the dribble animations that Harden gets and also is a worse shooter and passer. Bottom line: you won't be disappointed with this card no matter what you pay for him

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    Great review!! I put this card at pg and he's absolutely giving everyone hell. People talk about his defense, but honestly that hasn't even been a problem for me. Seriously it's almost unfair how good this card is.


    Went all in to buy him too and I have to agree with you on all of this. I ran him at point as well, he does everything on offense. He is a pink diamond disguised as a amethyst and I cant imagine any obtainable cards being better for awhile.


    He's so cheap now I picked him up for 52k badged out.


    I have both I run harden at one and Jimmy at 2 everything said about harden above is most deffinally true he's a baller best player I got offensively Jimmy ain't far behind he lacks the speed of harden and the off the dribble explosion but locks ppl up on d in my experience and is a great finisher at rim and great shooter if u put the +6 mid and +6 three shoes on him


    Same except I have Harden 2 and Jimmy at 3. Francis or Westbrook at 1 depending on who I'm feeling. But yeah, those shoes on Butler really sets him off.


    Lol I just picked him up for 19k what I did was a soon as Butler game out played with home until he went to 30k then I got rid of him and my team and made a sick team James harden 92 was the last piece of the puzzle I waited for him to go do a good price thanks to the adidas packs I got him 220k cheaper


    Yeah he's still amazing. I got him right away so I overpaid but he's still on my team


    i bought him but i found him quite unreliable and missing open shots, i thought it might be because his intangibles are so slow. But oh well.. thats just my opinion


    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure intangibles and potential don't do anything. I think 2k just added those as stats to bring players overalls down or up depending on what tier they want the card to be. Look at Harden's ruby card. His intangibles rating is 95. I don't think they would bring it down that much if it actually affected his play


    yeah i watched some YT videos on that, quite interesting


    just bought him for 120000


    I want a shooting guard should I get him or Jimmy Butler replacement for Kobe


    I pulled the diamond Jimmy. Honestly i am not impressed. he doesnt lock up kobe like i expected he would, and i feel like he gets the ball stripped a lot, especially when going in for layups.


    I haven't used Jimmy but as far as who's better I'm sure its Harden. I'd recommend Harden over everyone unless you can't afford him. Jimmy is cheaper but I'd recommend saving up for Harden especially since he's going for a lot cheaper than 250k now