Giannis Antetokounmpo ruby card
89 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 80 OUT
  • 81 PLY
  • 86 ATH
  • 80 DEF
  • 75 REB

Greatest Player I have used

Written by SS_King27

Ok, this guy is a monster. He grabs boards, plays defense, and everything else. Absolutely everything. I run him at pg, along with Jimmy Butler at the 2, and LBJ at the 3. I will link my lineup below. I will update it frequently. He drives and finishes with power. He is absolutely the greatest ruby in the game. I love playing with his card and it gives so much energy to my team.

Bought for: Pulled in 20 Pack League Box


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim
  • Consistent Mid Range Shooter : Doesn't miss if he is open and you know his release.
  • Stamina - 95 rated. You can keep him in for probably the whole first quarter of a game, then sit him for a little, then put him right back in so he can dominate.
  • Badges - Tireless Scorer, Acrobat, Relentless Finisher, Posterizer, Lob City Finisher, ( great with CP3 )


  • Post Scoring : But honestly who gives a crap, he plays point guard and small forward.
  • Contested and Off-Dribble 3PT - Horrible rating, but not the shot you should be taking with this type of player

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, Pass to wing, hold Y or Triangle for him to cut for an easy layup or a good look.

Examples: my lineup and how i run Giannis

Use if: "You want an athletic, straight up savage."

Don't use if: "You want someone who bombs 3s and hits post fadeaways."

Bottom Line: "Amazing player. Buy him for some guaranteed dubs."

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