'86 Robert Parish amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 69 OUT
  • 43 PLY
  • 72 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 95 REB


Written by PhillyGOAT

At the time of writing this review most amethyst or higher rated big men go for about 50k+, however this Robert Parish was going for about 30k (I picked mine up for 25k). Considering he is half the price of the next cheapest amethyst centers (Dwight/Boogie) he is just as good, if not better! He does everything you want a traditional center to do - score inside, great mid-range/post shooting, rebounding and defense. I believe he goes for so much cheaper because his name doesn't carry the same kind of prestige a Dwight, Kareem or Wilt carries. People care too much about the name of the card than the stats of the card itself. It astounds me he goes for so cheap when he is just as good or better than his amethyst center counter parts.

Bought for: 25,000mt (!)


  • Inside Scoring: Great at finishing inside the paint with a high standing layup (94) and dunk (95) ratings
  • Mid Range: Great mid-range shooter (90 standing shot mid) with great post fadeaway (93)
  • Jumpshot: Easy release - Quick and high release means it doesn't usually get blocked
  • Free Throw: A 78 free throw for a center is pretty good with a relatively easy release
  • Rebounding: Biggest strength (rating wise) with boxout, off rebound and def rebound all 95
  • Interior Defense: Great defender with most ratings in the low 90's


  • Outside Shooting: Cannot shoot 3's but since he is a center that isn't really an issue
  • Athleticism: Not very fast with a low vertical, but once again these aren't a necessity for a center
  • Playmaking: Not a great playmaker which isn't much of an issue as he is a center
  • Post Hook: Low Post Hook (78) for a center who is good in the post

Recommended Strategy: Pick and Pop (mid-range), Pick and Roll, Post Up and either Fade Away or Up-and-Under, Post-Spin, Drop Step etc.

Use if: You want a traditional big man center who can score inside and from the mid-range, rebound and play great defense.

Don't use if: You want a center who can shoot 3's or is athletic

Bottom Line: Great card going for an insanely low price considering how useful and good he is!

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