Derrick Rose sapphire card
86 Overall
  • 77 INS
  • 81 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 74 DEF
  • 44 REB


Written by meeloddy

I mean i couldn't believe my eyes HE literally dunks on everybody with a 35 driving dunk ?? his dribble animations are godly add these badges (Posterizer, Ankle Breaker, Acrobat, Midrange Deadeye, Lob city finisher) bruh its a gg all around best point guard in the game besides 3 ball and he hits them wide open flashes past defender breakes their angles and dunks it on ur center talk about a MVP! I was playing against the new Diamond Tmac Penny and Pippen in the amy league. i thought i was gunna get destroyed but i was wrong drose broke all their ankles and posterized diamond Shaq and Ewing. HE IS the definition of clutch fuck kyrie lol jk but 4th quarter came he made the clutches step back jumper for the game over DIAMOND PIPPEN i was literally crying cuz i thought this card was gunna be trash but really hes a PINKDIAMOND IN DISGUISE.

I used him at PG he played 33 mins i played 10 MTO games with him if hes this good imagine how the MVP DROSE card will be. Bought for: 15,000 MT best i spent in 2K HISTORY.

Strengths: everything except 3 and wide open is butter his release is green every time middy is GREEN open 3 GREEN contested shots and layups GREEN. HIS cold spots are NONEXISTENT


nothing beside contested threes in cold spots

*Other Comments:** buy him if u want a god that does everything the stats on this card don't mean shit he plays like MVP ROSE REAL talk he should be 100k and up but his a hidden gem so shhhh! and get this GOD

**Use if: if you need a hidden Pink Diamond that dunks and finishes and makes everything even contested shotS

**Don't use if: IF name is Goran Dragic and didn't get the memo Drose sent before he slammed if on his head for the AND-1

**Bottom Line: U GOTTA be a idiot too not buy this card and badge him out with best badges in the game hes a keeper forsure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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