Derrick Rose diamond card
95 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 90 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 50 REB

Best PG in the Game

Written by Tha2kgawdngh

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is my all-time favorite player and when I had the chance to get him in game I went all out. That includes cashing in my diamond James Harden and spending $140 on All Around packs. It took me selling two Larry Birds for 60k each, a Billups for about 25k, a Fat Lever for 17k, a bunch of rubies. But, in the end I think it was worth it. This card is great, especially if you're a park player and know how to use his dribble moves effectively. Just like during his MVP year in real life he'll finish amongst the trees down low. Just because he has a 84 three pointer doesn't mean you should take a lot, play to his strengths, utilize the floater. I've played a total of 2 games with him so far (2-0) both games I was up by atleast 25 and made the other person quit by the fourth quarter. He's 2-2 from 3 for me and averages around 24 a game.

Bought for: 245,000 MT


His strengths are using his speed and explosiveness to get to the rim. He comes with HoF Tear Dropper so utilize that floater of his that he's perfected. Amazing at finishing after the whistle (hit a hard and-1 over yao as drose was falling to the floor)


Throughout the 2 games I've played with him there hasn't been too many weaknesses that've shined bright, one thing is he will get blocked if you drive the whole game, it seems everyone in the game has Yao, Shawn Bradley, Thon Maker, Manute Bol, etc. Just got to learn how to dime to your teammates when that center gets pulled to you.

Recommended Strategy:

Bring your defender out around halfway between the halfcourt line and 3-pt line and take him 1v1 every time. If the defender plays off of you this card has the speed to blow by the defender and score. Also great idea to drive then kick it out to a shooter in the corner/wing if you have the right player in your lineup.

Other Comments:

Don't use him just because he has an 84 open shot three. Yeah that is nice but that shouldn't be your first area of interest. He will knock them down when he's open but we all know especially in MyTeam 84 isn't much. Hell, Curry's sapphire has a 90 and sometimes misses them.

Use if:

You want the most athletic point guard in NBA history

Don't use if:

You want a 3-pt shooting PG

Bottom Line:

He is a ton of money, but to me he was worth everything. It may just be me because he's been my favorite player in the NBA since his rookie year, or because he's on the Knicks now so I don't watch him as much, but it feels so nice to finally use this great player. And yes, I went to the extreme to buy him.

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    any idea what stats improve with the dynamic duo?


    He isn't the most athletic point guard in NBA history. It's either Russell Westbrook or Magic Johnson. Otherwise, great review.


    First of all prime D rose was not only quicker and faster than Westbrook, but could also jump higher. And second just because Magic was tall doesn't make him athletic. He was probably stronger but was nowhere near as fast or jump nearly as high as rose


    Oh yeah man, sure. Russell is averaging a triple-double and used to ball out for around 40 points when KD was injured. He rebounded better and I think he was a better finisher. I never said that Magic was better because he was taller. I stated that because he is an excellent finisher.


    I said athletic. Triple double isn't because of athleticism. D rose was a much better finisher and Westbrook rebounds more because he cherry-picks defensive rebounds. And once again finishing isn't athleticism. Do you even know what athleticism is?


    He just wanted to argue for the sake of arguing it seems... MVP Rose was the most athletic PG that I've ever seen. Westbrook ain't far behind.


    Westbrook isn't far behind at all, but prime D Rose was just somethin else


    Cannot argue about that man. I was hoping one of those HoF badges was chase down artist... Because he was doin that alot his MVP season. But they're good anyways.


    Yeah flying down the court and getting mad air with the rejection. Thing of beauty.